Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4 Places To Buy Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans

The best places to buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes!

 It's not rare that nowadays on the Internet you can buy almost everything and apart from sites that sell products and services, we're starting to find companies that sell traffic to your site, backlinks to improve your SEO and your PageRank, and as social networks such as Twitter and Facebook continue with their 'boom' , new companies have emerged selling fans and followers to your social media accounts and on this post we will list the best 5 places to buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes.  

 All this marketing and advertising through mediums such as social media networks is what makes this even bigger. I recently started searching and found a few Twitter follower supplier websites and some Facebook fans supplier websites as well as companies that sell Youtube video views and subscribers and in this post I will post a few links just in case you're looking to buy twitter followers, Facebook likes or Youtube video views and subscribers.  


This site targets Twitter followers and Instagram followers and you gotta check out their prices. From what I've seen and comparing this site to the rest I've got to say that is the most trustworthy of all. Their prices also go extremely low compared to its major competitors twit-pro.com and usocial.net. As a matter of fact this is really the only website where you can buy Twitter followers at wholesale prices. Their prices go from:
  • $5 dollars for 500+ followers
  • $9.99 for 1100+ followers in the first basic package. 
  • You can also upgrade to 2500+ followers on Twitter for a mere low price of $17.99 
  • and for a more advanced and entrepreneur campaign you can add 10,000 followers for just $52.00.  
 "Now compare the prices yourself with the featured links on this post and help yourself trying to figure out how much real money you can save" But that's not all cause their Pro package offers 
  • 100,000 Twitter followers for only $420.00.


SocialMediaCombo also known as the "Official Social Media Combo" is a great one stop place to get your social media marketing campaign off to a good start. They have been dealing with social media for years now & their experts have the experience and the know-how to get you the followers on Twitter you need quickly. Their team is based in Florida, U.S.A
Their Twitter followers packages range from 500 to 50,000 followers, but they also have done custom orders for some of its clients.
From this site you can buy 500 Twitter followers for $7.00 dollars as well as Youtube video views, Facebook likes and Instagram followers.

One can easily order Facebook likes starting off with- 

  • 600 Facebook fans for $19.00 USD
  • 1000 Facebook fans for $30.00 USD
  • 2000 Facebook fans for $55.00 USD 
  • 3000 Facebook fans from $79.00 USD 
Their packages of Twitter followers go from the range of -
  • 500 Twitter followers for $7.00 USD
  • 50,000 Twitter followers for $220.00 USD 
 The company has also made a lot of emphasis on the quality of likes and followers they supply.

Cheap Social Media SEO
We got to know this website searching for an affordable and cheap seo services provider and we found more than high quality search engine optimization services.
 One can easily buy 500 Twitter followers 6 dollars.

  • 1200+ for $14.00
  • 2000 for $23.00
  • 5000 for $35.00 
At Cheap Social Media SEO one can also find affordable one way dofollow backlink services as well as website traffic services.
One can easily make this website your one stop for all your SEO and SMO needs since its also a supplier of Facebook likes, cheap Instagram followers, Youtube video submissions and a lot of more services..

It's a MUST to bookmark this website!

Social MediaCombo.Net

This cmpany offers a premier advertising service.
Their prices are extremely low also from our point of view.. 
  • 1500 basic followers for $19.00 USD
  • 5000 followers on Twitter for $42.00 USD
  • 10,000 followers for $60.00 USD
  • and up to 50,000 for $214.00 USD 
Facebook is now the world's largest advertising and marketing platform, even surpassing Google in terms of sheer profitability and Social Media Combo hasn't left this behind since you can also buy Facebook likes.
You can buy 1000 Facebook likes and climb all the way to the top of 20,000 thousand  Facebook likes for a price of $490.00.

Well, I hope that after this brief post about some of the places where you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook fans you are more careful on where you plan to buy quality Twitter followers. There's lots of scams and fake promises particularly by companies that can ensure you get you 1000's of followers and fans for astronomical high prices using black hat techniques which can put your Facebook and Twitter account in jeopardy.

Stay tuned to read my next post about where to find some more rare online marketing stuff.

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