Sunday, March 18, 2012

Don't Buy Twitter Followers or Buying Them. Scam or Not?

Have you thought about purchasing Twitter followers? It turns out that it's becoming fashionable to acquire this type of "products" to fastly swell the popularity of some social networking accounts such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. This phenomenon itself has created a whole new Internet business, but what type of fans would you like to buy? Are you interested in actually doing it? Is this a scam or not?

So far, it was thought that only small companies that launched their businesses with Social Media resorted to this practice. But we recently have seen that some user accounts, ie, personal accounts, are also adopting this legitimate practice.

The proliferation of companies engaged in the sale of Twitter followers arose from the need in some users to get followers on Twitter quickly. It all started with the sale of packages of 'views' to Youtube videos and the initiative was so successful that soon spread to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which is really where this business works today. 

The success of companies like AddTwitter-Followers.Com, & where one can even buy Facebook likes cheap, has reached the point to where you can currently buy different packages to purchase cheaper out, for example, buying 1200 real Twitter followers for $9.99 is a good deal on this type of product or 1,000 fans on Facebook for $29.00 (of which, incidentally, it seems that the follower is more valuable than the fan)

As you can imagine, buying followers is a simple way to increase your number of followers, but not everything that shines is gold you know. You may think that this business can help you to achieve your goals, especially if you're looking for more customers and more popularity. But you gotta be aware that there's lots of scams out there.. 

If you want to stick to your idea of purchasing fans or followers for your social media campaigns
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