Wednesday, June 5, 2013

How Much Would You Pay For Followers And Likes In Social Media?

Would you pay for followers and likes? 

If you didn't know that nowadays is possible to buy followers and likes in social media you better get out of your bunker and keep up with the real world. In today's world if you have few followers in social networks there's no need to worry, you can pay for followers and likes, but the price varies depending on what platform you want to improve your internet marketing on.

 Having many 'followers' in social networks is synonymous of prestige, something that even many users live of. The companies aren't staying behind. Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of their essential presence in social media and the need to reach a greater number of people. Hence, currently, more and more web pages ensure users 'more followers and likes' for a certain price, a business that according to, has become a multi-million dollar business.

Buying Facebook likes cheap or boosting your Twitter account hassle free is real easy. All you have to do is type "buy Facebook likes cheap" or "buy social likes" in Google to access all kinds of web pages in which you can buy Twitter followers for $5 dollars and 'inflate' the account you want making a simple and quick payment with PayPal or a common credit card. Prices range from $18 to $25 dollars for 1000 followers on Twitter, $35/2000, $80/5000 and even $160 for 10000 followers on most of the social media likes and followers suppliers, however. In some of these websites one can find even larger packages if you contact their support staff.

However, the prices on Facebook likes appear be more expensive: about $20 per 250 likes on any fanpage or website page, $90 per 2000. The complete opposite in Pinterest. In this social network prices range from $25 per each 100 followers up to the $350 for 5000.

YouTube also counts with web pages that work on increasing the number of views on any video. You only need click on the 'Order' button; once the payment is approved, the user fills out a form with the link of video. Prices range from $20 per 5000 reproductions, $60 for 30000 and so on.

Instagram doesn't escape either. The social network that was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg last April of 2012 has also joined the new trend and people are already buying Instagram followers.
Isntagram was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and the platform has made furor in the last 2 years among users of Android and iOS, and that's been reflected in the pages dedicated to sell 'followers'. Now, along with other social networks Instagram prices appear at of $25 for every 100 followers, $100 per 1000 followers, or $350 per 5000. Not active? Don't worry, nothing will happen. The important thing is to swell the list just like your competitor did.
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