Wednesday, December 26, 2012

How To Get More Pins And Repins On Pinterest

 Infographic about how to get more pins and repins on Pinterest

 Those who have already jumped aboard the boat of Pinterest know that one of the major indicators of success in this social network are the repins. With the intention to help the brands to improve their presence in the fastest growing social network, Dan Zarrella and HubSpot have compiled an infographic, with tips on how to get more pins and repins on Pinterest.

According to this Pinterest infograph, photos with descriptions of around 20 characters are the ones that get more repins on Pinterest.

Also, the images related to the food and the one related with design and fashion are the most viral potential ones on Pinterest.

In Pinterest, the number of clicks on the button "i like" even greater influence on the pins and repins that the number of comments associated with the image.

get more pins and repins on pinterest

On the other hand, the viral effect of images on Pinterest has a lot to do with the format of the image. For example, vertical images have more possibilities to obtain repins than horizontal images.

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Another easy and fast way to get more pins and repins on Pinterest is to buy Pinterest followers.

Friday, December 21, 2012

How To Choose The Best Business Search Engine Optimization Company

Finding the best business search engine optimization company

 When one opens up an online business there will always be steps to achieve the benefits that your business search engine optimization needs. We're not talking about creating the most advanced website and form the best team anymore; that doesn't work after Google's latest updates. You need a captive market that visit your site and targeted and organic visitors that are interested in the products you offer and the best way to get targeted traffic to your site is by correctly optimizing it hiring the best business search engine optimization company.

 The truth is that there are thousands of websites already in the virtual market, which is why it becomes necessary to adopt the most appropriate procedure to achieve the first posts in the various search engines that exist.

Ok.. but how can your website earn the first entries on Google's first page and stand out on the rest?
This answer can be easily responded by a specialists in SEO services. At present there are many companies that provide the work of professionals in Web positioning throughout the U.S.A. If you are not a specialist in the promotion of a site, you will have to resort to the help of the most known SEO firms .

Several tips for selecting the right business SEO company

The search for the right company in SEO can be somewhat action tiring, and even frustrating to some since there's a lot of research involved and all companies claim to be the best seo company.

This frustration can be explained by the inexperience that many have in this area. This is why it becomes imperative that you take the time needed to enable SEO professionals achieve the highest ranking in the different search engines for your online business.

There are several ways to realize if one has been met with a SEO firm that can ensure optimization and Web positioning in the different search engines. In this post we will try to list some of the ways that will let us know if we have found the appropriate SEO Company for your business:

Longevity: It is essential that the SEO company chosen to search for an optimization of the search engines have a verifiable experience in the market. For this it is necessary to check the good service provided to customers of the company. It is necessary to check their portfolio of clients and view the services offered. We suggest you to follow these steps before taking the decision to hire services of these specialized companies.

Customer Service: The full-time on the part of the Company is essential in this type of business. A SEO company that does not supply you with weekly reports of the advances their taking is not worth it. The dynamics of the current business demands of us that we do not stop in drawbacks. If the Web positioning and optimization in search engines company does not comply with this requirement it is inadvisable to reject their services.

Versatility: Because of the existence of various aspects on SEO, it is necessary that the company will look into various areas of work, like: SMO (Social Media Optimization), link building, article submissions, Press Release writing services, etc.

We hope this short list of advices on how to choose the best business search engine optimization company have helped answer some of your questions. 

And why not share with us your different strategies on choosing a SEO firm..

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Friday, November 9, 2012

The Best Places To Buy Instagram Followers!

Image Source:

Looking for the best places to buy Instagram followers?

We did our homework and here are the best places to buy Instagram followers. As you all know Instagram is the latest and hottest photo effect app for Android phones, iPads, iPhones, and iPods. There is no app similar to it and with every second the popularity of Instagram just keeps on growing at super-fast rates. Instagram has taken over every normal person who likes to take photos not mentioning professional photographers head, in no time.

But like everything, sharing your photos with the famous Instagram touches is not the same without a large number of followers. In addition, Instagram's algorithm positions the accounts depending on the number of followers available. Therefore, what better opportunity than this one to rank your Instagram account the way many artists do!

First of all we have::
     1-  AddTwitter-Followers.Com - This is a social media strategist company based in Orlando, Florida U.S.A and their staff of highly experienced social media experts are always setting new high quality standards on the social media optimization field.

     After requested by a high number of customers to start selling Instagram followers at wholesale prices they recently started to offer their clients the opportunity to buy Instagram followers starting with their promotional offer of 500+ followers on Instagram for only $15 dollars.

    • 1000 for $27.99
    • 3000 followers for $70.00
    • 5000 for $100.99 
    • 8000 for $125.00
    • 10,000 for $175.00
    • 15,000 for $255.00
    • 20,000 for $420.00

    2 - Cheap Social Media SEO - This company is wide known by the great amount of Instagram followers it delivers monthly. This site offers Instagram Followers and Instagram and Instagram Photo Likes all in one place.

    They do not need your password to increase followers and they guaranteed a perfectly legitimate system from the start.

    Starting package of 700+ for $17 dollars
    • 3000+ Instagram followers for $65.00
    • 5000+ followers for $120.00
    • 10,000 Instagram followers for $200.00
    • 20,000 Instagram followers for $350.00

    3 - - Social Media Combo is another recognized source where you can buy Instagram followers. No need to give out your password and feedback from others has been awesome.

    Social Media Combo is a complete social media marketing company offering various social media services including Twitter followers, Facebook likes, Youtube views and Instagram followers as well. 

    Their prices range from $15.00 for 500 followers on Instagram. 
    4 - Buy 10,000 Instagram Followers - This site is a very friendly website. It offer its customers 1500+ Twitter followers for $19 dollars but their main sold product is Instagram followers. No need to give out your password and feedback from others has been very good.

    Their prices range from $19.00 for 500+ followers plus extra likes on your order. 
    • 1000+ Instagram followers for $27.00
    • 2000+ followers for $47.00
    • 5000 Instagram followers for $83.00
    • 10,000 Instagram followers for $175.00

     These 4 websites have been considered by many users to be the best places to buy Instagram followers but the truth is that there are many other places.

    Stay tuned and we'll be updating this posts with new websites..

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    Tuesday, October 16, 2012

    10 Benefits Of Marketing On The Web Using Twitter

    Discover some of the benefits of marketing on the web using Twitter for your internet business.

    It's well known that Twitter is a great modern marketing tool for communication and social interaction that offers great benefits for anyone marketing on the web and wants to freely promote their business on the internet. However, particularly in the small business market, yet many people do not leverage the potential of having an account on that platform and some don't even know what a "tweet" is.

    Its been for this reason that we've taken the time to share with you all some of the uses we give to the 140 characters microblog portal calling this post 10 benefits of marketing on the web using Twitter for your business

    Benefits Of Marketing On The Web Using Twitter

    1. Identify Opportunities- Finding marketing niches on Twitter is not a hard thing to accomplish, although it is necessary to devote some time to identify needs and interests, provide solutions and capitalize on them. 
    2. Find Your Audience- Target your audience and keep your followers by sharing valuable information that can really contribute to their solutions & needs and that way you'll be giving them reasons to click on the "continue" button  from your Twitter profile to your online business or blog.
    3. Enhance Your Brand- With over 500 million active users as of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day and counting, Twitter is the second social network in importance and one of the most visited web sites around the world. Without a doubt, this is a level of an negligible exposure for your business.
    4. Monitor Your Competitors- We're not talking about copying what others are doing, but it is always good to have a reference parameter and know what your competitors are up to, particularly those who are above you. Using Twitter allows you to monitor this easily!
    5. Do Some Networking- This is one of our favorite benefits, because Twitter has been very useful for us to connect with people related to our interests (and from which we have learned a lot); and with some of them, we have even managed to consolidate important projects such as promoting their social media channels.
    6. Receive feedback- You can constantly receive comments on your blog publications by those followers following your blog, you can receive questions about the products you promote and that will let you know how useful are the solutions you are providing your followers!
    7. Increase Traffic To Your Web Site- Marketing on the web using Twitter can be one of the greatest benefits your site can get from social media. Blogging good content, sending out promotions and offers in your "Tweets" are just some strategies that one can implement to generate targeted traffic from Twitter; Now, don't you think that's a great benefit?
    8. Receive Information In Real Time- Traditional media (Radio, TV) are losing ground to Twitter in terms of dissemination of information in real time. How do you explain we learned of the death of Michael Jackson first on Twitter before any other means?
    9. Send Notifications- Another great benefit of marketing on the web using Twitter is that you can send out a message on a pitch, invite 1000's of your followers to your next webinar with just a tweet... Twitter is an excellent choice to keep your followers updated with your most important events and offers everyday!
    10. Program Your Activities- The good thing about been involved in Twitter is that you don't have to be stuck all day to consolidate your presence. There are multiple tools, clients or applications that can schedule your tweets like Hootsuite, so while you could be doing other activities, updates of your blog or your promotions could easily be published on the social network.
    The list of the benefits of marketing on the web using Twitter can be an extensive one if you all start analyzing what Twitter has probably done for your products, blog or services. Please contribute with us and let us know if this post has been helpful and don't forget to write about the how Twitter has worked for your business.

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2012

    The Importance Of Social Media Optimization

    The great importance of social media optimization (SMO)

    With the advancements on the Internet, there have been a lot of changes when it comes to the marketing tactics and techniques of businesses. At the present, almost all online businesses opts for social media optimization services in order to attain popularity on the web as well as to boost traffic to their websites. There are various social media or networking sites. They are utilized by online business owners and companies in order to reach out to their targeted audience. If you have an online business, you should hire social media optimization services.

    the importance of social media optimization The importance of social media optimization in any online business cannot be denied. Aside from attracting more traffic to your website, this form of marketing can greatly enhance the rankings on major search engines. In doing so, it will boost the visibility of your website and will make it easier for the clients to find you online. Additionally, another chief advantage of this online marketing strategy is that it is capable of attracting a lot of free traffic to your website. This is why the importance of social media optimization should be considered.
    Creating a social media strategy is very helpful in accumulating one-way links to your website. If the links to your website are found in other websites that have top rankings on search engines, the rank of your website will drastically improve as well. Due to the importance of social media optimization, it is best to employ a social media service provider to optimize your SMO in case you are not skilled and experienced enough to come up with your own strategy.
    The experts that will provide the social media services are well aware of the importance of social media optimization, thus they can provide the best possible solution for your needs. These experts are highly experienced in optimizing websites on the networking platforms. In doing so, they can create vibrant and useful strategies and plans in order to help your website attain popularity online. Aside from that, getting social media services can help your website achieve visibility with a number of keywords, thus it is possible for your targeted audience and potential clients to find and click on the links to your website. As a result, there will be boosted traffic as well as getting more sales in the process.
    You should never ignore the importance of social media optimization. Just make sure that you will choose a reputable service provider that can cater to all your needs.

    Wednesday, October 3, 2012

    Social Media Marketing For Artists, Singers and Music Bands

    Advantages Of Using Social Media Marketing In The Music And Arts Industry

    Social media marketing has rapidly grown in the last ten years at a speed that 7 years ago no one would of have imagined that a 140 character micro-blog known today as Twitter was gonna be on top of the 5 most visited websites on the internet and who would have though that facebook was going to go public 4 years ago like it did on wall street a couple of months ago.
    Let's be honest with ourselves and admit it, social media is here to stay and if you're an entrepreneur, artist, a music band, someone in the business and field or independent singer seeking to create a solid fan base you should look for a serious and professional social media reseller website to help you optimize your professional music profile using the top 5 social media channels and pages. Have you tried social media marketing to get those fans and followers you need to have success?

    Social media marketing for singers, artists, musicians and bands is the latest and most successful way 5 star music artists and Hollywood artists are using, building this way a strong and solid fan base by leaving a communication channel always open. And when it comes to success in the entertainment industry, communicating with your fans and followers is worth more than applauses!

    The good news is that social media, compared to the old school way of advertising will not cost you an arm and a leg like expensive adword or PPC promotional campaigns. In fact, social media marketing has an outstanding delivery and response rate and can cost pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional old school direct-marketing.

    Once you open an account on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,Google or Youtube you or your marketing and advertising team can get started and announce your next shows, cd release, new songs, and special events with the click of a mouse button at the same time sharing your message with thousands of fans an potential fans.

    Start growing your social media network today if you want to count with lots of loyal fans and followers, here are a few tips you can use to get things started:

    • If you have a web page or a blog, be sure you add a Facebook like button where it is easily seen by your readers. Include a message such as "Like Us To Stay In Touch" so that visitors know they can expect to hear from you by visiting your Facebook page.
    • Add a "Follow Me On Twitter" on your email signatures as well as on your business cards. Include a 'tweet' or something like "Want To Know Where To Download Our Latest Hit? Follow Me On Twitter!". Have them follow you and give them a big Thank You after they do follow.
    • If you're in the music business as a solo singer or a music band you must have a Youtube video channel with lots of videos and those videos have to have lots of views. We know you're probably thinking that you already have dozens of videos on Youtube but with only a few views on each video. Don't worry as nowadays there are lots of social media reselling websites that can get you 50,000 youtube video views for a couple of dollars and that's nothing compared to the results you get back.
    • Pinterest- Have you heard of Pinterest? Start growing your pinterest followers and take advantage of the most rapid growing image sharing social media network that has ever existed on the net. A way to advertise and promote yourself or your music band on Pinterest would be by uploading or linking or your images to your website, Twitter page or facebook page.
    • Google+ Plus one votes- Google+ will let you share recommendations with friends, contacts and the rest of the web just like Facebook does but in a totally different platform with the same great social media results.
    A highly recommended flourishing new social media reseller website like Social Media Combo should be taken into your account at the time you decide to hop in the social media marketing bus. has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing websites on the net where you can buy Twitter followers, Google +1′s votes, Youtube video views, Pinterest followers and Facebook fans to your social media pages based on your personal or business needs!
    By building your list of fans, supporters, subscribers and followers, you can let all your loyal fan base know about your latest link to download your latest songs, promote your upcoming CD or promote any special event you are going to be performing at, etc..

    Sunday, September 16, 2012

    Ways To Get 2000 Twitter Followers In Weeks

    Tips To Gain 2000 Followers On Twitter Fast!

    When we all started on Twitter, one of the main questions that we asked ourselves was how can we get more followers on Twitter? Once you signup for a Twitter account, you will soon notice that you don't know anyone and no one follows you, then you begin to follow famous people, artists, journalists, writers, politicals, etc, but you're noticing that they don't follow you. You start entering into discussions and to follow people related to your interest and suddenly you've got, 10, then 20, then 30, 40 and ZAZ!, you get to 50! And with a little luck and a lot of more effort and patience you have 100 !!, but at the bottom you have the desire to have more followers. How do you do in order to get more followers? it's not by casualty, here I will give you a simple methodology that in the past has very well worked for me on how to get more Twitter followers.

     Perhaps some would say, "I prefer quality to quantity" and that's fine you know, but if you really want to have exposure, your words, thoughts, your tweets get as far as possible you must have a good number of  followers that will take your message as far as possible. It is a topic of positioning strategy for your account. In the other hand if you just want to use Twitter to only stay updated with important news, that is ok too, you won't need many followers, you will only need to follow your sources of information, but if you want to go beyond, I will share my little bit of knowledge with you expecting that you share the information as well and learn how to get 2000 followers on Twitter quick.

    buy twitter followers bulk prices The steps to reach your first 2,000 followers.

    -Set your topics of interest. 
    -Try to find "twitterers" that are influential in your topic of interest and search if they are on Twitter, it could be a writer, a consultant, an internet marketer, an expert in technology, an architect, a designer, community manager, musician, artist, etc. , bottom line is that no one better than you to know who to follow..
    -Now comes the next step, start following the most influential users of the accounts that you've selected. According to statistics and a little bit of experience on human behavior, between 25% -30% will reciprocate following you back. The interesting thing about this is that you'll be connecting with people that are related to your niche, business and preferences and not just random and untargeted followers. Using this method you can follow up to 2,000 users, but unfortunately when you're close to been following 2000 people, Twitter will not let you follow more users. Twitter will allow you to follow more users once you're close to have 2,000 followers as well and this is one of the main reasons some people are taking the shortcut and end up buying Twitter followers in bulk
    •  I recommend you to continue following between 200-300 per day (but it will all depend on your available time)
    • You can vary and follow the different influencers that you selected at first, trying to follow their most influential followers as well.
    • You can also do searches in!/search-advanced to search for users who are talking about your topics, niche, business and preferences and with whom you could fastly connect.
     -Once you've followed your first 2,000 users, let your Twitter account rest for at least a week.

    • During this week you will begin to see as some will follow you back and your Twitter community will gradually begin to grow, some users will welcome you with either a mention in their tweets or with a Direct Message (DM), send them back a message, this way you will have the opportunity to exercise your first connection with your first followers.
    • Begin to talk with the people who you're following (this will rapidly help to get you noticed), give a Reply to their comments, Retweet their tweets, this will integrate you to the dynamics of Twitter and you'll past to be someone who not "only reads" but someone who "interacts" as well.
    • Begin to share content you have enjoyed and that you consider useful to your followers (articles, video, photos, etc. )
     After a week you will probably have around 500 followers, but given that Twitter will not allow you to follow only 2.000 users in the beginning , now how do you continue to follow more if only 500 users followed you back?, It is relatively easy and here I'll show you the most basic ways to do so without any kind of tool but if you do like tools the best Twitter adder and unfollower system is Tweetadder which I happily promote since it helps me manage more than 1 account at the same time.
    A. Go to to your account.

    B. Enter the "Following" section.

    C. Go to one of your following's list, if you see the image of a Direct Message (DM) it means that this account is already following you, if it is not then this person has not been reciprocal.

    D. Start unfollowing users that aren't following you. But you can always leave those who have real interesting topics and that you're interested in hearing their comments, there will always be an opportunity to connect with them and, if not, you will probably enjoy their publications and updates.

    E. Once you stop following those that weren't following you back, Twitter will give you a new margin so you can be able to follow more users of your interest to whom you would like to tune in with.

    Finally. Have patience, this is gradual and takes time. Do not do this aggressively because Twitter can  consider you as a spammer. You can review the rules and best practices of Twitter visiting their website.

    I would love to have your comments and know your opinion.

    And share it with your friends or colleagues by clicking the Tweet button. (Twitter)

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    Friday, August 24, 2012

    Buying Twitter Followers Review: I Purchased Twitter Followers

    Add Twitter-Followers is a next-generation social media service that helps you boost your campaigns by adding followers and fans to your social media hub pages. What they offer:
    • Buy Twitter followers

    They also own and operate Social From here is even possible to: 

  • Buy Facebook page fans
  • Buy YouTube video views
  • Buy Twitter Followers
  • Buy Google+ Plus Votes
  • Buy Pinterest Followers 

  • Does it work? We bought the social media marketing package for $10 that gives you 1k+ Twitter followers, 1200 Facebook Likes for only $39 and is not bad if you compare to other similar social media reseller websites, 5000k YouTube Video views for $55 and the Advanced Package of Google+ Plus One votes for $60. This whole package consisting of 4 services only costed us $164.

    After placing our order, we received confirmation and the campaign started after almost 24  hours later. After 10 days, it was completed. Apparently Social Media Combo uses an army of low cost labor to promote your social media pages. We noticed a huge increase in the traffic coming in from Twitter and especially Facebook. Our YouTube channel page has also increased in inactivity, posting new videos now generates hundreds of views quickly, leading to thousands over a period of a few days.

    Is this cheating? Many people have asked me whether using sites like AddTwitter-Followers or SocialMedia-Combo is unethical? My answer is that as long as you are abiding by the terms of service of the social networks, you are simply investing in what is today's mainstream form of advertising. Of course, you don't want to spam any of these services, and likely you will be suspended or banned for doing so. But in today's competitive market, I don't see anything wrong with investing to give your social media marketing campaign a li'l boost at the get-go. In the end, its the quality of your product or service which will determine your overall success.

    Share your thoughts about these social media reselling websites here, would love to hear your feedback on how its worked for you.

    Sunday, August 19, 2012

    Simple Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Bet On Social Media

     One of the biggest and main problems faced by small business owners when it comes to advertising, especially on the Internet and on the different social media channels, is the time. It is necessary to communicate effectively and analyze the results of that investment of time, have time to react and create strategies in this regard, be able to learn and strive to improve will boost your small business to the top of your competitors.

    The numbers of small businesses engaging in social media has dramatically increased  during the last 2 years. There has been a dramatic increase in companies that firmly believe in the fact that using the media and social networks like Facebook and Twitter helps a lot their businesses and can help them grow and achieve new goals and that should be a good enough reason to spend a little time and dedication in these social media sites.

    But for every type of business or company how to leverage social networks or the type of actions to be developed may vary depending on their objectives and priorities, there are some simple reasons why companies should invest in social networks.

    Your competitors use them: If your competitors are in social networks, you too must be or your business will be missed in opportunities for our own competence. It is recommended to not focus exclusively on your business though, take time and study these companies, make a follow-up on them to learn their movements, about their new products, strategies and how you can react to remain competitive and differentiate your business among your great list of competitors.

    It is easy, seriously!: Creating a business page on Facebook or a Twitter account involves just a few minutes, as well as ask your regular customers who do so or have the possibility of finding us in social networks. We don't talk about advanced and complex strategies of social media, let's start with the essential and the principle. The presence is fundamental without forgetting that taking action, interacting, and participating in an active way is also important and remember that

    "if you open up a Twitter account and you don't tweet you are still sending a message."!!

    Reach new customers: The "old school" way of advertising on the street and obsolete business strategies to attract new customers, can be a costly and a complicated task for many small businesses in real life. On the internet and especially in social networks, your business will not only have the opportunity to gain the loyalty of your customers but that it can also reach hundreds of potential new customers.

    Complementing the offline business: Internet and social networks do not have to delete or replace our real business. They can be the best allies to increase our expectations and even expand the boundaries of our business.

    Greater closeness and trust: Be real and accept that your customers only go to your website when they have a real need or they carry out some purchases, but through social networks, your small business relationships can be extended so that your clients will feel closer to your business. Use these channels to provide all kinds of information, support or aid may affect beneficial in many aspects to your small or growing company.

    With this been said, mentioning that for many small and medium-sized enterprises, social networks may seem a difficult beast to master, it is important to meet the challenge without fear to try and experiment. Little by little we will discover social media's true potential by verifying its great advantages and benefits, as well as the ways to leverage them depending on each type of business.

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    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    Mitt Romney! "I didn't buy Twitter followers"

      Mitt Romney seems to have more illusion magic power than David Copperfield and he proved some of that this past weekend when the nation woke up and saw that his Twitter account had gathered  more than 140,000 followers on Twitter in such a short time. "Not even the best magician in the world is able to get that amount of followers in a month" Did Mitt buy Twitter followers?

    According to a published post in Mashable, a rapid and sudden growth of the Republican Presidential candidate's account went on to have almost 24k new 'followers' on Friday, 93k on Saturday and again 25,432 on Sunday. Somewhat suspicious movements if we take into account that until then, Mitt Romney was only gaining between 3,000 and 4,000 new followers every day.

    Statistics showing the leap on the sudden growth of Twitter followers of the Republican candidate 
     Zach Green, of, the website responsible for monitoring the activity of the presidential candidates of the White House on Twitter, was the first to realize and wrote on his blog: "I'm not saying that he has purchased them, but the statistics of the followers of Romney have had a strong and sudden rise from Friday.» Could it be a campaign weekend?  Personally, I don't think that this is the fruit of the Romney's campaign. It is more likely that someone is trying to put him in trouble. "The question then is: who controls more than the 100,000 accounts that have followed Romney from this weekend?"

    Zac Moffatt, Romney's digital campaign director, has refused the purchase of followers on Twitter. Moffatt has reminded that the aspirant to the White House strategy revolves around specific participation and not the simple accumulation of a massive number of new fans on Twitter. In fact, it settled the matter ensuring they have contacted Twitter to ask for explanations.

    Despite this, the uproar on Twitter has been inevitable and the hashtag #MoreFakeMitt keeps on rising on popularity. Ironic.. ain't it? 

    Monday, July 9, 2012

    The 2012 London Olympic Games: Announced To Be The Most Social Olympics In History

    Social Media In The 2012 London Olympic Games

    The London Olympic Games have already been described as the "first social Olympics" and, although it is not very clear as how really social will they be, it is nevertheless clear that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will have a more important role than ever in the dissemination of information of the 2012 London Olympic  Games globalizing all the live conversations that will be generated around them.

    2012 olympic games and social media
    From the past 2008 Olympic Games the online social media panorama has changed drastically. Four years ago there were only 1.500 million Internet users around the world, 23% of the world population, but this 2012 summer the figure has grown up to nearly 2.300 million users, that's one third of the population of the planet.

    But for a better understanding of the role that the different social media networks are going to playing in the Olympic Games of London, Mashable has analysed one by one, the diffrerent platforms to discover the keys and find out if the London 2012 Olympic Games are really going to be the "First Social Olympics ".


    In August 2008, a tweet posted by former Facebook Executive and current co-founder of Path, Dave Morin, held that Facebook had surpassed the 100 million users. The figures at that time showed that Facebook had just overcome MySpace in popularity and 2008 was also the same year in which the social network premiered their chat. (and 4 years later their chat still sucks)

    Four years later, Facebook already is more than 900 million users and is becoming a gateway to the web for many users.


     2008 was a good year for Twitter. The microblogging network experienced an explosive growth with almost 6 million registered users that sent some 300,000 daily tweets. For then the users were still looking for the place that would occupy this social network in its on-line habits, but simultaneously discovering its informative potential and marking the beginning of what would be the revolution through that we are living today in the consumption and diffusion of news.

    To today, Twitter counts with more than 500 million users who write 400 millions of tweets every day. The sports news will usually use this channel to communicate with their followers in live-real time, turning this channel a marketing key for the sportsmen and the environment in which, of course, means and fans will generate many of the conversations in these London 2012 summer olympic games.


    In 2008 the most popular online video page had already climbed to more than 10 hours of video upload per minute. By then it was already a favorite destination of many to watch videos on the internet and it already had a mobile site, pre-roll ads and a 720 p HD video option.

    Now it seems logical to say that the most memorable moments that we are all going to live in these upcoming Olympic Games will be viewed through YouTube. This year the platform already receives more than 800 million unique visits each month, period during which 3,000 million hours of video are viewed and every minute 700 videos are shared to Twitter via Youtube.

    So, we will just have to wait for 2 or 3 more weeks and see how social media behaved in these 2012 summer olympic London games

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    Saturday, July 7, 2012

    Is It Useful To Buy Twitter Followers Or Facebook Fans For A New Business?

    On this post I will try to go ahead and talk about our business experience when we recently bought a hand full of both, likes for a Facebook page and followers for a Twitter account, all for a website with a very good niche and very specific topic and at the end you take your own conclusions about if its useful or not to purchase social media fans and followers for your new business.
    buy twitter followers for business
    Modern Twitter Followers
    When you "buy twitter followers" or "buy Facebook likes" it is a fact that none of the sellers won't tell you the methods they use to get those fans from, they will just promise you that you will receive 'Real Followers' and that they are to be reliable so that's why is important for you to know about places where you can buy Twitter followers and where to buy facebook likes

    But that's not whole true. If you only order a few fans, these will surely be real, but if it is a very large number of followers you can count on that you will also get lots of (bots) because there's absolutely no way you're going to get 50,000 thousand 'real human' followers on Twitter for just a couple of bucks.
    But, let's go back to our main key question: Would you think it would be useful for one to buy Twitter followers or buy Facebook likes for a web-page, business, blog or company? I say, It depends.
    It will depend on how hard you really need those followers and what you need them for, I mean if you have a new store, a business, a professional blog or a brand new website, in order to get those first online sales, I believe is useful to purchase Twitter followers or Facebook fans at first just to give your business a starting 'boost' and by the way a nice sense of credibility and reliability that will make you look like a high quality business that's engaged in social media with followers and fans supporting your brand.
    And don't worry because if what you want is real interaction and real engagement with your followers and fans you will always have the chance to do it, since that was our personal experience when we purchased followers on Twitter for a starting business; we purchased a package of 2500 followers on Twitter and just barely 4 or 5 days after the delivery we started receiving between 50 and 75 organic and real followers who 2 weeks earlier hadn't followed our (2 followers Twitter) account because, I'd say, of lack of trust and now we almost have 6000 something followers which 3500+ is organic and real and still growing. 

    One can also buy 10,000 Twitter followers on and ask them to split those 10k into the Twitter accounts you have, that's what we did for our three accounts. Everything can be possible just by asking the right person.

    Places that we recommend:

    If you are going to buy Twitter followers we recommend AddTwitter-Followers.Com
    If you think to purchase Facebook likes we recommend SocialMedia-Combo.Com 

    Saturday, June 23, 2012

    Best Places To Buy Facebook Likes (Reviews)

    Thinking to buy Facebook Likes? Checkout some of the best places to get them!

    It's a proven fact that in the internet vineyard everything is possible; A couple weeks ago we wrote a brief post about the best place to buy Twitter followers and I've been surprised just looking at the stats and seeing people from almost every country in the world reading the post to do their own reviews about purchasing (followers) online. I remembered a couple of years back when It became a fashion for some webmasters to buy votes on Digg for their clients and charged their customers exorbitant sums of money claiming it was part of their SEO strategies, but now it seems like something almost normal. You can now find places to buy facebook likes just like you can find 10 or so McDonald's fast food restaurants on any busy U.S.A avenue. Too many to choose from, I'd say.

     The popularity of the most important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have pushed people and companies to do the unbelievable to optimize their social media channels and profiles and with the need to manage your online brand or business presence its important to know from which social media reseller website you can buy Facebook likes, followers on Twitter or Youtube video views.

    buy facebook likes cheapIt's not hard to find these social media reseller websites that offer different packages and specials on Likes/Fans for a sum of money, for example 200+ likes on Facebook can cost as low as $19 USD. The prices will be a little varied among these social media suppliers and it will basically depends on the website you make the purchase from and that's why I leave these 7 places to buy likes and rapidly start optimizing your social media campaigns in a legit and a safe way.

      buy facebook likes cheap
    • SocialMediaCombo.Net Social Media Combo provides affordable business marketing resources. Social media reseller website. Its considered to be the best place to buy Facebook likes at wholesale prices. These are the most fair prices we've seen around the web so far. offers in their basic package of 
       200+ FB likes for a low price of $19.00 USD
      2500+ for only $140.00 USD climbing up to the top of 10,000 thousand "Likes" on FB for $479.00 (Most known for their LOW Twitter followers prices

    • Social Media Marketing Services: Really simple and very friendly website. They deliver what they advertise and beyond. From this social media service reseller one can buy cheap Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and Youtube views and their prices are first executive super LOW prices.  
    You can find a deal of 600 FB likes...for only $19.00 (GREAT PRICE COMPARED TO OTHER RESELLERS )
    • No Bots
    • Guaranteed Fans
    • Delivered On Time
    • Steady Growth
    • Satisfaction Guarantee
     (Highly recommended)

    • Cheap Social Media SEO This website is recognized for their advanced, affordable and cheap SEO services offering website traffic services from top networks. It's also a great place where one can get more likes on Facebook!
    Other Facebook Services one can find on Cheap Social Media SEO are: Buy Facebook Photo Likes Cheap, Buy Facebook Subscribers Cheap, Buy Facebook Shares Cheap.

     550+ Facebook likes for $19.00 in less then 72 hours is a very well known website with tons of clients that go from artists, actors,  politicians, entrepreneurs, webmasters and well known SEO firms have also been known to buy from these guys. They offer a Silver package of 4000 FB likes for only $119.00, their Gold package consists of 15000 Facebook likes for $389.00, climbing up to their biggest package offering 20,000 Facebook fans for $479.99.

    These are the best 4 places to buy Facebook likes. Buying fans on FB seems to be a reasonable alternative to build a mass of followers specially when your competitors are already building their own little social media empires that will soon start to actually interact and talk about your competitors brand or company all over Facebook leaving your business and new fanpage in the position of the dog's tail...... !! wayyyyy behind. !!

    If you ask me, I haven't done it yet but will soon do it for a clients webpage we're working on and he wants to buy Facebook likes to make his page look fully (SMO) social media optimized. If someone has done it what has been your experience? Do you think that buying fans on Facebook is a correct action to take?

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    Wednesday, June 13, 2012

    Where Can You Buy Youtube Views At Wholesale Prices?

    In this post we want to write about the importance of having lots of views, likes, comments and subscribers in your Youtube channel no matter in what niche, service or business you are involved in.

    Youtube is not only the biggest and best video sharing site on the planet, it's also among the most widely accepted web 2 web-sites on the globe. So, what can all this mean?: Its a proven fact that Youtube can make anyone's dream come true offering various and fantastic opportunities for your business in stipulations of advertising campaigns. A very well promoted Youtube video with lot of views, likes and or comments can easily give your company a 'titanic' advantage over other companies within your same niche market and services.You've probably seen by yourself the countless social media reselling websites offering all kinds of fans and followers at cheap and incredible low prices to be true and with a quick and basic google search you can find 100's of  web sites on the internet offering you to buy Youtube views.
    It ain't difficult you know! and you should really not think about it too much, because as you're reading this your competitors may have already filmed their video and are right now uploading it to Youtube. 

    You can easily begin by adding 1, 2 or 3 videos to your Youtube channel about the specific subject you want to advertise. Include suitable material for all audience to establish a wide audience, but make sure to keep your videos short and concise enough to keep followers engaged the whole time your video plays. (Use your video to provide everything you can about your blog, website, services, business or company so it can be found easily on the SERPS!)
    It is also a good idea to ensure that your video has a very good description. The explanation is quite simple. When viewers search on Youtube to find information about a particular subject, this is the only place viewable before the person even plays your video. If, alternatively, they could find what they need on videos of other people, then it certainly is much more difficult to get visitors to your content. Keep in mind that more targeted visitors suggests more traffic to your website or blog and would mean more sales, but of course I  know you all know that.So now that you have the needed basic information to get started on Youtube, you're probably wondering about my promise to show you where to buy Youtube views at wholesale prices. So, here goes. You can find companies who have experience in this area, such as Cheapsocialmediaseo.Com, an Orlando, Florida based social media strategist company who dedicate themselves on helping companies in making income through social media internet sites like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ Plus one Votes and the new Pinterest followers. This team has proven to go the extra mile and none the less they don't promote their Youtube video views with likes, comments and subscribers they guaranteed that each of their orders will be delivered with relevant comments towards your video, likes and subscribers making these Youtube video view packages the best on the net at bulk prices.I you have considered the possibility of buying Youtube views for your business video to seriously increase your video marketing I have to tell you that your best option would be
    Cheapsocialmediaseo.Com  as their the only website that offers you to buy Youtube views at wholesale prices and they include in their deliveries likes, comments and subscribers to make your video look even better in front of your audience.
    The first reason to buy views on YouTube is kind of intrinsic. There is a psychological aspect of interaction with YouTube and the desire of others to create quality content. Some people feel motivated when they see others who are starting to subscribe, comment, like and to favorite a  video. This may not be common to others, but it is definitely an effective tool to motivate people to continue liking your videos. It would be hypocrite to upload a video and not want millions of people to see it. That is why it would be more wise to hire experts in social media and take people to like, comment and subscribe to your videos without jeopardizing your Youtube account. After all that's why you made your videos public.

     If you want to stimulate the audience of Youtube you should  take the advantages offered by Cheapsocialmediaseo.Com. Their basic Youtube package based on 2500 views including likes, comments and subcribers will only cost you $35.99. If you want 5000 views pay only $55.99. They deliver an average of  about 3,000,0000+ views each month.

    Sunday, June 10, 2012

    My First Day In Twitter! Who Do I Follow Now?

    using twitter for business
    Buy Twitter Followers
    One of my closest friends has recently opened up a Twitter account and, in addition to the typical doubts on #hashtags and the "@ signs", the first thing that he has asked me about by chat was: "and now who do I follow? "

    Doesn't it happen that every time you remember your first steps in social media and microblogging networks you always remember how hard it was to collect those first fifty or 100 followers on twitter or fans on facebook? When I first opened up my first Twitter account 4 years ago It took me 2 hard months to get 500 followers on Twitter and just like my friend I didn't have a very clear idea on who to follow either.

    Obviously there is no universal formula to achieve this, but we can follow a certain logic to help .

    The first step would be to ask yourselves this question: Do you really need Twitter for your business? This is a crucial question, but at the same time it ain't hard to figure out; if your aim is to be updated with daily world economic news you should definitely follow "Twitterers" specialized in this field, if you're a sports fan you should follow a sports channel because of their daily sports updates, if you are looking for motivation follow those who are often "twittering" about coaching, if you want to stay updated with the latest online marketing tips and the latest social media news follow one of the infinite "twitterers" that talk about social media news and tools like us addfollowers_us, and so on until you really find your interest.

     Once you have a more clear idea and a purpose of how you want to use Twitter or what you might expect from this micro-blog network of information, which unfortunately is often discovered when you've spent some time in it, you can search and follow for people by keywords, or follow them directly looking for those engaged in a specific #hashtag that you might like too.

    buy twitter followers
    At first it is normal that you follow almost everyone. When I began to use Twitter 4 years ago I use to base all my follows based only if it was a person and not company, and I ony followed if the user had something interesting in their tweet. With the time I began changing my criteria and up to the present I follow only based on that strict criteria:

    1- I look out for people that are just on Twitter to fill out your twitter stream with incessant affiliate links, offers and deals. You can easily identify these spammers by verifying their entire number of tweets and quickly verifying their timeline at a glance. (Avoid these users as they will not bring anything useful to your stream with the exception of a couple of Jcpenney cheap ass offers.. )
    2- As explained in the beginning of the post, look and only follow those persons that are 100% involved in the same things and subject-matters you like. Don't be following people because of their nice looking faces and avatars, remember that if the person does not know anything of what you tweet about and you're not familiar with their niches it's better off to just to run out of there.

    buy twitter followers
    I always say that each individual user/person should have a clear criteria when it comes to the hour of following or unfollowing someone, and will be more or less valid based on your needs or if you are looking for information on a very concrete subject. The most important factors tend to be; following based on the twitter stream or based on their description. The image on a Twitter profile is one thing that usually influences a lot at the time of deciding to follow someone, either because they have the Twitter "egg" as an avatar or an out of place picture, but i would not consider it an important factor to find people to follow. In the end, the avatar and the description are your letter of introduction on Twitter, so watch out and don't start following people who won't give you anything only because they have a pretty face and or a nice a#$ photo.

    When you're already clear of what type of information you expect to receive from Twitter, you can find more people with the same concerns through the recommendations of Twitter.

    Twitter is a great tool to stay informed and in contact with real people in your industry, niche or your related interests. The key to success in Twitter, I believe, is the people that you follow, so remember that the steps to follow are: search, localize and follow.

    Subscribe to this blog and stay informed and updated... and follow me on Twitter @addfollowers_us

    Wednesday, June 6, 2012

    Are You Sure You Want To Get Involved In Social Media?

    So you're planning to get into social media, ahh? Yeahh, we all know about how many times you hear that word nowadays. This reminds of this social media reseller website's logo, "social media served in a plate". Everyone says that you have to be in it, Facebook fan pages and Likes have become more popular than ever and twitter is growing at astronomical speeds among other many social networks whose names we probably even heard yet... It's amazing how many good things people talk about social media and how everyone just talks about the easiness of it to get in. You can even register for Free! So far all good, but nobody ever mentioned you the second part... How are you going to manage all the different channels and profiles? This is a true and active game where you are going to need a lot of consistency to stay ahead of your competitors and maintain open those communication channels that cannot be left abandoned to their luck. So are you sure you want to get involved in social media? If you decide to go ahead, keep in mind the following:  

      Are you willing to devote the time and effort required to keep your social media channels pimped up?

      Bear in mind that if you decide to hop in the social media boat you will be required an extra amount of hours a day to maintain those social media profiles opened up for your public, fans, followers and customers. You will have to devote extra time daily to update and manage your social profiles. This could be a hard job for some and it could be harder for you if you don't have the adequate communication skills and preparation.

    • Start by promoting the different features of your brand, product or service mentioning a few personal attributes, attracting more followers, fans and or subscribers.
    •  Dedicate yourself to build and strengthen a community around your brand, blog or website. Earn valuable daily new followers and fans and make your followers recommend you to their fans and followers as well extending your network and with this your influence. If you do well, you'll have a great social media family and a stable group whose alma mater will be you and your brand.
    • Manage your community with valuable and fresh content. Promote its interactivity and offer attractive deals but always thinking of your fans or followers particular interests.
    • Be creative with excitement and let your followers share your interesting content. Talk about new things with interest and you'll have fans and followers eating out of your hand.
    •  Take active part and be part of the conversation. Always respond to the comments of your followers or fans and prove them that you are the real person behind the opera curtains in the other side.
    • Start monitoring all activity related to your brand, product or niche that develops in your social media online environment. You have to carefully follow any item that you may directly or indirectly affect. 
     Social media is definitely not an easy task, but it is worth trying it. If you use thoroughly your effort it will bear its fruits, your work will revert in that you increase your online presence in the different social networks, creating with it a solid on-line reputation and prestige.

     What can happen if you don't follow these guidelines?

    Easy... if you don't keep alive your social media profiles on a daily basis they will gradually start to shut down becoming your accounts to look and feel grey and bitter, in an environment, where your fans or earned followers would definitely not want to be. This same feeling is going to touch your blog, website, services or your niche directly, making them look bad; Your online reputation will leave much to be desired as it will be at the mercy of an environment unknown to you, where you will not have the capacity to control what it takes place affecting you directly.

     If you don't follow the daily activity of your profiles, you'll miss valuable information related to your brand, service, website, blog or niche and you will also lose track of your competitors as well. And what is worse, you won't have the capacity to respond to an attack or a mishap where your intervention would be required; for what you will be in situation of disadvantage.
    Remember, internet is like living environment and is constantly changing; You have to have weapons in order to be able to act and be prepared for what might happen.

     As you can see, social media is indeed a very important step that you have to give firmly; If you doubt, you're lost. Be serious and commit yourself to a committed and effective strategic management in social networks and you will be very successful.

    You can stay updated with all my posts by simply following me on Twitter @addfollowers_us and make your life much easier if you decide to buy Twitter followers by visiting our Twitter followers reseller website.

    Saturday, June 2, 2012

    Are Facebook And Twitter Everything In Social Media?

    No.... "In Social Media, not everything is Twitter and Facebook" 

      Nowadays when we talk about Social Media Marketing, most people instantly think about two words. Facebook and Twitter. While it is true that these two major social media platforms concentrate hundreds of millions of users together and a large percentage of internet users has an active profile on each of the two, we must not forget that there are plenty of social networks on Internet where you can get in contact with your potential customers.

    In addition to the big heavy-weights like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube or Tumblr, there are other webs that attract users that could be interested in your niche or subject-matters specializing by those that the users involve themselves in a much more active way like for example the newest social media image sharing website, Pinterest. A Real Case Study between Pinterest and Facebook written by a famous online jewelry retailer says that the period of time that the users remains connected in Pinterest is usually longer and also the attention given to the publications and interaction with your boards and pins on Pinterest is major than the attention you can receive in a tweet in twitter or a post on facebook. ( I have noticed that personally with our Pinterest account ).

     As a social media specialists my best advise is that if you are going to open up a personal or a business profile in any of these social networks, do so, but do it motivated by real and authentic interests that will well relate with aspects of your business or by your personal likes. If you find a social network that is much more related to your niche or activity of your business, you can be 99% certain that a great percentage of the users of that network are going to be your potential customers and that you will be able to reach them easier if you  decide to join in a more active way on that specific social media platform.

    We should also try to remember that both the time to promote our business in social media, whether it be through a page such as Facebook, Twitter, or in a dedicated forum in your niche sector, these networks and modern  means of communication are based on the feedback that the user receives so its very important being part of the conversation always bringing something different to your potential customers.

    If you don't have the time to promote your business social profiles you can always hire a social media reseller website where you can buy Twitter followers. These social media services are among the most popular ones nowadays and lots of professionals, artists, law firms, politicians (Newt Gingrich) are using it including your competitors.

    What social networks are you using right now and how have they worked for your business? Your feedback and comments will be more than welcome below..

    and don't forget to follow me on Twitter.. @addfollowers_us

    Friday, May 25, 2012

    2012 Political Presidential Candidates Buying Twitter Followers For Their Social Media Campaigns

    Over the past 6 or 7 years our country has seen social media grow like no other phenomenon ever and its something that has impressed many, even presidential candidates. Social media is starting to become something like the fifth element and power in communications and it's a fabulous environment where young people, teenagers and adults can give their direct opinion in real live time on a certain news or anything of their particular interest.

    buying twitter followers
    Newt Ginrich buying Twitter followers
    Just recently we learned and heard about how the latest social media craze of buying Twitter followers has arrived to the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C and the ex republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was allegedly caught buying fake followers on Twitter. As we all know the purchase of followers on Twitter comes back from Michael Jackson's death after allegedly his family bought 25000 twitter followers from an Australian social media reseller website at astronomic prices. The purchase of this type of followers on Twitter though is a popular resource already used by some brands, webmasters and or showbiz people, with the argument of strengthening their online prestige and popularity on the internet.

    Some marketing companies offer packages of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google likes or views on YouTube, starting at 500 Twitter followers for 5 dollars.

    According to Chris Taylor from Mashable.Com, Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers are only 8% humans.  Other professional analysts in the social media field with a high reputation level have said that approximately 10% of the followers of most politicians on social networks are virtually not real followers. These followers can be bought from any reputable and trusted social media reseller website and in some cases you can purchase targeted followers with a specific profile and/or un-targeted followers which are fictional users that are just there following you but they really don't contribute on anything.

     I believe that the most important thing about this has been learning about the interest that certain sectors of the population have had and consider sharing or spreading what they call “the truth behind politics”. And all it has provoked is that more interested young people want to meet their candidates and their proposals.

    For this reason, this fifth element power known to all as social media is, without doubt, a double-edged weapon. On one hand, it can give us real live time information with the facts been developed instantly and it could also allows us to take our country's pulse at least for a minute. But on the other hand, it may give us also the perfect platform to share falsehoods and misuse of the real information.

    Learn and analyze everything that arises. Take your own judgement and don't generalize.

    Find me on Twitter @addfollowers_us

    Thursday, May 17, 2012

    How To Use Twitter To Sell Your Products

    Twitter may be considered one of the most powerful business and personal networking platforms ever created and even though many people use Twitter to sell their products for some reason it still remains a frustrating and strange world for others. Although it could seem incredible, there are still a great number of small businessmen who still don't know what is Twitter and how Twitter can help them sell their products online or offline. Although it is true that they have a lite notion of one of the aspects of social networking very limited to the new informative format, it is quite also true that there are still lots of shades on users that don't let Twitter prove its real effectiveness in their businesses.

    An important part of new ideas, new businesses and new opportunities for synergies and alliances is lost after the resistance of the micro-entrepreneurs to ignore how to optimize twitter to sell products and services.

    If you have already read the ebook Twitter Business: How to Gain Followers and Explode Sales before selling anything or The Tao Of Twitter you will have a better idea of what this article is gonna be about.

    Clarifying concepts

    To begin, it is essential to clarify the concepts. Anyone who doesn't know what Twitter is and has only heard of its virtues but haven't learned how to put them on practice should think for a moment if a means of communication of great demand offered free to advertise your business and reach millions of potential customers should be ignored. Twitter is the ideal platform to promote a small or a big business without added cost, as the main value added and with its informational nature in real time and completely tasteless your business can use it as a second economical fortress.  
    Now that we know that the 140 characters with strange symbols that show the informative with the views of the viewers, are responsible for this paradigm shift in the advertising, it is time to address the way in which twitter can become a great ally of the sales figures.

    Using Tweets…

    Second step… Tweeting... It is recommended not to start tweeting until you have something interesting to Tweet (communicate with your network), it would be of a lot of interest if you start committing yourself; Promoting content of interest in your market will bring you lots of followers on Twitter. Obviously the promotion of content published in your corporate portal is essential to consolidate your brand as well as the explicit nature of your professional profile that should appear in the social and professional networks to have a greater impact such as the Google + plus ones network and the new Pinterest as well..
    You must also know that the Twitter of today is not the same as a couple of years ago, the geo-location has been imposed and the word "targeted followers" has been added as a mandatory strategy for today's advertising. Therefore use a single direction and try to relate to users who are in your market or niche which will allow you to access to the people who are interested in what you have to offer… this is what is known as the "SEO of the Twitter" analysis, study of the competition, identification of specific niche and targeting.

    Be aware that we are also witnessing a cycle in which the rise of the mobile devices of last generation and the endless routine and increasingly efficient applications developed ad-hoc, are those who set the trends specifically in the context of online sales, value added, the personal reputation, the branding of the brand and the number of committed supporters, make up the ideal breeding ground for achieving an increase in sales from Twitter.

    Image, opinion, video and a constant profile endowed with value added, are some of the success keys to achieving that their sales will increase with each re-tweet, mention or message, via domino effect.
     While not many brands follow this practice, the truth is that lack of it not only restricts access to information of relevance to your business, but it also limits the possibility of achieving an increase in sales of your business using Twitter; establish a Feed-Back with your fans and followers, usually this kind of dialogue is more frequent in Facebook while it is true that you'll be surprised of the promotion of your brand if you set an area of opinion from Twitter.
     Aspects related to the experience of the quality of service, the quality of the product and the brand assessment, are big promoters of sales on Twitter.


    Finally, Twitter it is not something that should be left in oblivion…the biggest micro-blog in the world is an inexhaustible source of information. Twitter is innovation, creativity, consistency, interaction, commitment and perseverance and it's  become so BIG that BIG and small companies have already started the practice of buying followers on Twitter to optimize even more their Google rankings and take advantage of the new social media SEO techniques like the website Social Media Combo offers. It is your responsibility to identify the endless range of new options that underlie the interaction of users on Twitter, much more viral and exponential. Getting the most out of the social network will allow you to obtain an optimal ROI of resources in terms of time and dedication that you will need to make your sales grow exponentially in Twitter and use Twitter to sell your products.