Monday, March 17, 2014

How To Get Targeted Twitter Followers Using Tweetadder

As an entrepreneur and a relative newbie to the Internet I was given a little advice by someone I trust when I first got started online. You have got to use social media to get the word out about your business and you need to get targeted Twitter followers. Everyone uses Twitter these days and it can be a real advantage to keep in touch and engaged with your customers/clients and prospects.

where to buy targeted twitter followers
 I spent the majority of my efforts to grow my business offline and it is finally where it needs to be and I was ready to expand to the next level and take advantage of the billions of users that go online everyday. I have been using the Internet for many years and social media has been a big part of my life, however, that has always been on a personal level.

My email inbox is constantly getting spammed with all kinds of offers from marketers looking to get me to try their social media products and I just never knew if I could trust them or not. One day I received an email that just caught my eye and it happened to have a subject line that was very appealing “How to get targeted Twitter Followers”

I immediately remembered the advice I was given earlier about taking advantage of social media and especially Twitter.

So I took a chance and I opened the email and read through the email. I turned out to be a complete software suite of powerful tools designed to help your business gain more targeted Twitter followers. It was called Tweet Adder and it sounded like a pretty amazing product.


Being able to get the word out about special events and promotional deals I am running at my website was the main reason I checked out Tweetadder and I am so glad that I did. After spending quite a bit of time and money establishing my company’s website I knew that it was going to be very time consuming keeping up with the Twitter accounts that I set up.

One of best parts of this complete Twitter management software is the feature that I can set up a schedule and automatically post tweets to a specific Twitter account without having to open a browser and do it myself. I just launch the tool and create the tweets and enter the times of the day to post them and thats it.

Then I discovered that another powerful tool inside TweetAdder was a search tool that allows you to search Twitter for user bios and their geographic locations in order to find new Twitter followers that would be suited to user business.

Just those features alone made it an extremely valuable suite of tools and the account management tool was just the icing on the cake. I allows me to manage multiple Twitter accounts from a single dashboard.

get targeted twitter followers

So if you are a website owner like me and you are looking to get targeted Twitter followers. You owe it to yourself to check out this software for yourself, or just click here and download it from their main site.

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