Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Mitt Romney! "I didn't buy Twitter followers"

  Mitt Romney seems to have more illusion magic power than David Copperfield and he proved some of that this past weekend when the nation woke up and saw that his Twitter account had gathered  more than 140,000 followers on Twitter in such a short time. "Not even the best magician in the world is able to get that amount of followers in a month" Did Mitt buy Twitter followers?

According to a published post in Mashable, a rapid and sudden growth of the Republican Presidential candidate's account went on to have almost 24k new 'followers' on Friday, 93k on Saturday and again 25,432 on Sunday. Somewhat suspicious movements if we take into account that until then, Mitt Romney was only gaining between 3,000 and 4,000 new followers every day.

Statistics showing the leap on the sudden growth of Twitter followers of the Republican candidate 
 Zach Green, of 140elect.com, the website responsible for monitoring the activity of the presidential candidates of the White House on Twitter, was the first to realize and wrote on his blog: "I'm not saying that he has purchased them, but the statistics of the followers of Romney have had a strong and sudden rise from Friday.» Could it be a campaign weekend?  Personally, I don't think that this is the fruit of the Romney's campaign. It is more likely that someone is trying to put him in trouble. "The question then is: who controls more than the 100,000 accounts that have followed Romney from this weekend?"

Zac Moffatt, Romney's digital campaign director, has refused the purchase of followers on Twitter. Moffatt has reminded that the aspirant to the White House strategy revolves around specific participation and not the simple accumulation of a massive number of new fans on Twitter. In fact, it settled the matter ensuring they have contacted Twitter to ask for explanations.

Despite this, the uproar on Twitter has been inevitable and the hashtag #MoreFakeMitt keeps on rising on popularity. Ironic.. ain't it? 

Monday, July 9, 2012

The 2012 London Olympic Games: Announced To Be The Most Social Olympics In History

Social Media In The 2012 London Olympic Games

The London Olympic Games have already been described as the "first social Olympics" and, although it is not very clear as how really social will they be, it is nevertheless clear that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will have a more important role than ever in the dissemination of information of the 2012 London Olympic  Games globalizing all the live conversations that will be generated around them.

2012 olympic games and social media
From the past 2008 Olympic Games the online social media panorama has changed drastically. Four years ago there were only 1.500 million Internet users around the world, 23% of the world population, but this 2012 summer the figure has grown up to nearly 2.300 million users, that's one third of the population of the planet.

But for a better understanding of the role that the different social media networks are going to playing in the Olympic Games of London, Mashable has analysed one by one, the diffrerent platforms to discover the keys and find out if the London 2012 Olympic Games are really going to be the "First Social Olympics ".


In August 2008, a tweet posted by former Facebook Executive and current co-founder of Path, Dave Morin, held that Facebook had surpassed the 100 million users. The figures at that time showed that Facebook had just overcome MySpace in popularity and 2008 was also the same year in which the social network premiered their chat. (and 4 years later their chat still sucks)

Four years later, Facebook already is more than 900 million users and is becoming a gateway to the web for many users.


 2008 was a good year for Twitter. The microblogging network experienced an explosive growth with almost 6 million registered users that sent some 300,000 daily tweets. For then the users were still looking for the place that would occupy this social network in its on-line habits, but simultaneously discovering its informative potential and marking the beginning of what would be the revolution through that we are living today in the consumption and diffusion of news.

To today, Twitter counts with more than 500 million users who write 400 millions of tweets every day. The sports news will usually use this channel to communicate with their followers in live-real time, turning this channel a marketing key for the sportsmen and the environment in which, of course, means and fans will generate many of the conversations in these London 2012 summer olympic games.


In 2008 the most popular online video page had already climbed to more than 10 hours of video upload per minute. By then it was already a favorite destination of many to watch videos on the internet and it already had a mobile site, pre-roll ads and a 720 p HD video option.

Now it seems logical to say that the most memorable moments that we are all going to live in these upcoming Olympic Games will be viewed through YouTube. This year the platform already receives more than 800 million unique visits each month, period during which 3,000 million hours of video are viewed and every minute 700 videos are shared to Twitter via Youtube.

So, we will just have to wait for 2 or 3 more weeks and see how social media behaved in these 2012 summer olympic London games

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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Is It Useful To Buy Twitter Followers Or Facebook Fans For A New Business?

On this post I will try to go ahead and talk about our business experience when we recently bought a hand full of both, likes for a Facebook page and followers for a Twitter account, all for a website with a very good niche and very specific topic and at the end you take your own conclusions about if its useful or not to purchase social media fans and followers for your new business.
buy twitter followers for business
Modern Twitter Followers
When you "buy twitter followers" or "buy Facebook likes" it is a fact that none of the sellers won't tell you the methods they use to get those fans from, they will just promise you that you will receive 'Real Followers' and that they are to be reliable so that's why is important for you to know about places where you can buy Twitter followers and where to buy facebook likes

But that's not whole true. If you only order a few fans, these will surely be real, but if it is a very large number of followers you can count on that you will also get lots of (bots) because there's absolutely no way you're going to get 50,000 thousand 'real human' followers on Twitter for just a couple of bucks.
But, let's go back to our main key question: Would you think it would be useful for one to buy Twitter followers or buy Facebook likes for a web-page, business, blog or company? I say, It depends.
It will depend on how hard you really need those followers and what you need them for, I mean if you have a new store, a business, a professional blog or a brand new website, in order to get those first online sales, I believe is useful to purchase Twitter followers or Facebook fans at first just to give your business a starting 'boost' and by the way a nice sense of credibility and reliability that will make you look like a high quality business that's engaged in social media with followers and fans supporting your brand.
And don't worry because if what you want is real interaction and real engagement with your followers and fans you will always have the chance to do it, since that was our personal experience when we purchased followers on Twitter for a starting business; we purchased a package of 2500 followers on Twitter and just barely 4 or 5 days after the delivery we started receiving between 50 and 75 organic and real followers who 2 weeks earlier hadn't followed our (2 followers Twitter) account because, I'd say, of lack of trust and now we almost have 6000 something followers which 3500+ is organic and real and still growing. 

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