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Saturday, January 16, 2016

How To Find More Quality Twitter Followers!

Learn how to get more quality Twitter followers with these easy to follow tips: 

One of the most popular questions asked by many business webmasters is how to get more quality Twitter followers, and its curious because it tends to be one of the major concerns of customers who we work with on a daily basis. Although it is true that large companies tend to have more clear how Twitter works. 

quality twitter followers
But for the vast majority of business owners it really doesn't matter if those followers are high quality followers or if their just a bunch of fake profiles, some don't even care if their new followers will bring in more web traffic, sales and engagement; All that the majority of businesses want is to have more followers than the competition and sell more... 
Sometimes we ourselves don't quite understand this phenomenon or how a strategy like that can help at all any business but that's just how social media is working with business owners. 
Your main objective, if your looking to grow your Twitter followers with quality followers, should be not to become obsessed with the quantity but instead the quality of your followers, because what we all want is our followers to have interest in what we do and offer. 
Otherwise, and if you just want quantity, you will be losing the opportunity to engage with real fans who won't retweet none of your tweets, won't share any of your content and will never engage in a conversation with you.   
I know of some Twitter users that have found success in posting tweets of their daily life in a way that their followers can get to know them better, but this is much harder than simply sharing a great image on Instagram and unless you’re a celebrity, the chances are that only people who know you in real life would be interested in following your daily personal tweets. 

On this post we’ve put together an indepth guide to help you grow your Twitter followers like never before including quality.

Optimize your profile 

A Twitter profile optimization is key to get quality followers and your avatar image is the perfect opportunity to show some more personality. Remember that your profile picture is the first thing that a potential follower is going to see and it should be of good quality. A picture of a real person is always going to get more engagement that a cartoon picture. 
In the case of that you own a business Twitter account, put the company logo. There's nothing wrong with that! 
And don't forget about your header image. My best tip is that you make use of a good header picture. Remember to use a high quality photo for this section as well and if you put text in this image, be sure that you can view it correctly by visiting your Twitter profile from a mobile device. 


Sometimes its just hard to try to describe yourself, ain't it? We all know that describing ourselves to others is sometimes hard, but that is exactly the purpose of your Twitter bio; to talk about you! It’s also the perfect opportunity to include some keywords of your industry.

However, don’t laden it with key and buzz words. A good Twitter bio still needs to have a personality. It may even act as a conversation starter with potential followers. You have 160 characters so keep it relevant, to the point and attention grabbing! 

Spread your Twitter URL 

Getting your Twitter URL noticed by posting it to your business cards, add it to your email newsletters and include it as part of your email signature. Don't forget to add a 'Follow Us' button to your blog or website, to target your regular clientele and audience as well.

Find more followers using strategy

Next we're going to go through some more advanced strategies that if well applied can help you attract even more quality Twitter followers to your profile. Strategies that will never fall because they are an essential part of this micro social platform.

Tweet good content consistently; not excessively

Tweeting about everything you read on the internet may not be so helpful after all but it is crucial that you tweet consistently to engage your followers and new followers because no one will want to follow someone who last tweeted 2 months ago.

A good habit would be about 3-5 tweets per day spaced out in between a few hours each. This will remind your followers who you are and what you represent. Don’t be a spammer tweeting every minute because you will clog up your follower’s newsfeeds—which will get you one ticket to an “Unfollow.”

TIP: Remember that you shouldn't tweet for the sake of tweeting. Try attaching an opinion or a genuine question with each one of your tweets to get your followers engaged. The more they engage, the more viral your tweet will go—which leads to more exposure and more quality Twitter followers. If you just tweet an article title or a bland statement, it seems like you don’t care and your followers won’t care either.


Retweeting on Twitter is like sharing on "Facebook", it shows others that you care about what they say and want to give their brand extra exposure to your followers. When you retweet other people’s tweets, they will most likely follow you as a sign of appreciation and return a retweet at a later date. Retweets are the easiest way to get in front of tons of new followers/customers.

Use Hashtags

Hashtags were born in Twitter and they provide a great way to connect with twitter users beyond just your Followers. Hashtags are a great way to spread your tweets to various topics and for those who still don’t know what a hashtag is - basically, it’s a word or two behind a # that makes a sort of category in a common discussion subject.

For example, you could set up a hashtag like #myawesomeblog. This creates a place where others on Twitter can dialogue about your blog too. If anyone tweets using your hashtag, it will show up in the feed for that hashtag search. This can generate more interest in your profile, and in the long run you can get more quality Twitter followers. 

Engage, don't auto promote

Whenever you tweet, remember one rule: No one will want to follow a brand that constantly tweets “check out my site, check out my store, check out my brand…” Tweet about things that would make you feel excited if you saw it.

Offer your followers engaging content that they can be excited about. Many brands make the mistake of using Twitter as a promotional megaphone—constantly marketing their brand with the intention of getting more traffic. You would hate that if a brand did that to you, and the same applies to all your existing and potential followers. 

What methods have you found effective to get quality Twitter followers? We’d love to hear your experience and what you’ve found helpful along the way and if you have other tips on how you initially started gaining your followers why not share it with us in the comments?
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Easy Ways to Stamp Your Online Presence Using Social Media

How to stamp your online presence using social media

Social media networks offer businesses an affordable and streamlined way to share good content with their target market. How can marketers leverage these platforms to their advantage? What are the best ways to stamp your online presence? Good content must be shared with audiences, and you must find ways to get ahead of the competition in this respect.

Multiple sharing without resorting to spamming

Essentially, spamming is sharing the same message or post over and over. This is undesirable behavior that often leads to loss of potential customers. Since multiple shares can lead to a higher number of followers, it is important to package the information differently so that the message gets out there without discouraging supporters. You should not resort to spamming, which may tarnish your online reputation and lead to a huge loss of potential customers.

People don’t really mind the practice of sharing content multiple times. Actually, followers don’t really see every single post, and this is why sharing a post more than once is necessary so that the probability of the target audience receiving the message is higher. There are many ways to express the same idea or concept. 

For instance, the first post can be written in the form of a statement, while the next post, which contains the same message, can be introduced in the form of a question. Packaging content in varied ways is an effective way to send out an important message that bears repeating. But, in order to elicit strong reactions, the message must not be repetitive and static.
Optimizing content for every network

using social media
 Social media platforms share similar characteristics, but then they also have innate differences, which marketers need to heed. In Twitter, for example, one of the best ways to encourage people to become involved more deeply is to pose solutions to their most pressing questions. Titles of useful articles can be posted, ensuring that the content is within the 140-character limit. Meanwhile, in Facebook, even sales post must be presented in a friendly, conversational tone to entice people who prefer a casual approach. In LinkedIn, the key is to stimulate a discussion between professionals that revolve around a topic that is relevant to the brand.

Results monitoring

Another way to establish your online presence using social media is to monitor results. If the objective is a constant influx of traffic, it is essential that the results of current campaigns are known. In order to attain the right amount of social activity that continues to engage audiences, you must study the response of audiences to your previous posts. How are they reacting to the messages you send out? Is there a need to increase post activity? Or perhaps you must consider a decrease in activity since engagement seems to drop, perhaps due to audience bombardment?

 Monitoring tools are available to everyone. You can even determine audience response to the quality of your content and the frequency of social media posting in real time. Take advantage of digital tools that allow you to get useful feedback. Analyze the data, and plan for the next step that will propel your brand forward.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Should Get Involved In Social Media

Here's 3 reasons businesses should get involved in social media..

Every second, at least one individual signs up with a social media network. These platforms now serve as places in the Web where people and organizations can share information, converse, and connect with key players within the niche. The growing user-base of social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram has given businesses enough reasons to join the bandwagon. Presently, social media is reportedly the most common activity that people engage in online.

Social media carries a lot of weight and it is not about to go away, like a fad or a phase. Social media is here to stay. Businesses and professionals must therefore put in enough time and strategy to their social media accounts, especially the ones that have the most number of active users. Here are three reasons why business owners must start to be more serious about working on their social media presence.

Social Media is here to stay.. Understand and Use it or FALL behind..

Reason #1: Majority of marketers are already in social media

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why business owners must not take too long to decide when they ought to delve into social media is the fact that 93% of marketers are already there including their competitors. Social media is already an important component of the overall marketing strategy of others in the niche. There are risks tied to joining social media networks, but there are awesome benefits as well. The fact is the businesses that have made the leap are finding new reasons everyday to expand their social networks even more.

Nevertheless, it must be stressed that success in social media is dependent on a lot of factors. For instance, the most appropriate and cost-efficient social media marketing tool must be chosen and then implemented. The right kind of people must be behind the social media campaigns, and they must conceptualize, launch, and monitor activities that will propel the business into prominence. Many benefits await a business with a sound online marketing strategy.

Reason #2: Social media allows businesses owners to build and manage their reputation

Let us first discuss the role of social media in developing trust in a company name or brand. These days, because of the huge array of options to choose from, customers often narrow it down by sorting through products from brand names known for consistently producing high quality merchandise. They can do this easily with the numerous online tools available. For example, when faced with new names and brands, modern customers usually take to their mobile devices, search the Web and check out the social media accounts tied to the brand. The process is required for the purpose of authenticating the brand and determining whether the company name can be trusted or not. A business without social network accounts is automatically excluded in this process.

However, with a well-maintained social media presence, businesses of any size can provide the buying public with what they need to know. As more information is shared, the reputation of a business can be established with the help of relevant content. In addition, consumers can be in direct contact with the people who turn the gears and make everything work. They can give their feedback and they can make recommendations. The public can also make inquiries. Meanwhile, there is another advantage of getting involved in social media. Businesses can respond to questions, deal with negative comments and complaints, and diffuse issues that can seriously damage the reputation of the company or brand. In recent years, social media platforms have served thousands of businesses in this way.

Reason #3: It is free

The social media revolution is upon as all, and one can only imagine what the next generation of social media technology is capable of in the future. Whether we use it for personal, professional, or commercial purposes, we are given the opportunity to share information with millions of people worldwide. The best part is this: We can have an online presence in the three biggest social networks in the world, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook without spending a dime. Although there are features of social media networks, which can only be availed with cash payment, the free versions are often adequate in increasing traffic and sales. Reports also indicate that lead generation via social media may be achieved by devoting six hours a week updating posts and interacting with other account holders.

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Truth About Buying Instagram Followers

How many followers do you need?

We're very sure that you have already listened about the practice of purchasing Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and Google plus; well, this practice is now spreading to Instagram as well, which has encouraged us to collect some information about the topic and investigate the truth behind buying Instagram followers to increase popularity.

Something very common on all the sites that offer Instagram followers packages, is that without doing anything and automatically in 24-48 hours you have thousands of followers added to your account, in addition the majority of these sites will ensure that all the followers that they provide are actual and real Instagram users. Obviously, these services have a cost that varies depending on the number of followers you want to buy, and you can find packages of up to 100,000 followers and more.

buying instagram followers
 What do you need to buy packs of Instagram followers? 

To purchase any Instagram social media package all these "followers supplier pages" will need is your @username (the user profile should be set to PUBLIC). Most of the transactions will be done through Paypal, although many of these websites also offer other payment methods.

In short, any user with a public profile on Instagram and a Paypal account with balance can get a horde of followers in less than 2 days. Easy isn't it? 

Advantages and disadvantages of using these services.

 The main and only advantage, that we see, that can provide this type of service (buying Instagram followers), is that in just a few hours you can increase your followers in several thousands giving an image that you're very popular on Instagram and with some luck gain a couple of dozen real followers who believed in your "most famous" story.

Actually it isn't even as simple as that. To start of, the followers you buy will "NEVER" interact with your posts, and forget about comments on your photos, Likes, mentions, or other action or engagement you would expect from a normal and "REAL" user. What does this mean? Sadly, this means that the only thing that will really increase is the figure which indicates the number of followers you have, keeping your popularity on the same level as before if not way lower.

Another aspect that should be taken into account before buying Instagram followers, is that Instagram can detect the activity on your account as a spam attack to your profile, with the consequences that this entails; lock down on your followers (your list of followers will be empty) and Instagram also reserves the right to remove all of your followers without notice.

Are these followers for real?

Yeaahh right?? … and we are Santa Claus, of course they're not real users and we're going to explain you why.

 First of all, the numbers of followers that are offered in larger packs (up to 100,000 followers) are so exorbitant that already gives you an idea of the impossible task to control 100K real users. Do you really believe that some of these websites can make 500 real and active Instagram users follow your "silly ass" Instagram profile for $10 or $15 dollars? Of course not. What's going on with you? Is your common sense working alright?

In addition it's not just a question of pure logic, there are clear indicators that can show you that these users are fake, as for example: the number of comments, likes and mentions in your photos maintain with the same likes and hardly going up. The logical thing would be to see an increase in proportion to your number of followers, but the truth is that this will only exist in your dreams and not on your Instagram profile.

The sale of Instagram followers continues to be a great business for the sites that are involved in offering this type of social media optimization services. Most of these sites are equipped with automated systems that allows them to create dozens or even hundreds of accounts in block in a few minutes, whereupon, the less information they have to enter creating an account, the faster they work.
Although in other platforms this issue is more controlled (e.g. with the verification by means of: sms or a call, connection with other web profiles, using captcha, etc), the truth is that Instagram is just beginning to take this issue seriously and still has a lot to improve in this aspect.


Miracles don't exist even if you pay for them, that is to say, don't expect to pay $15, $20, or $100 buying fake Instagram followers and expect to become a relevant instagramer in just 2 days and while it might be true that purchasing these type of services has helped other businesses gain 000.0001% of credibility it might not help yours at all.

If you think your profile along with all your followers (which not may be many but at least their real), with all your photos, likes and comments are barely worth $15, then go ahead, take the shortcut and spend that money - as if you were buying ice before the storm - and then sit back, order a pizza and wait for all those new likes and comments that will raise your popularity in Instagram so much that Lady Gaga will feel jealous. You can rest assured that, that's not going to happen..

In short, if you are interested in gaining more followers in Instagram, get those followers to interact with you or your brand, get more likes, comments on your photos and even followers publishing their own photos with a hashtag of your brand, then we feel to tell you that this can only be achieved with time and effort. 

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ways To Use And Integrate Google+1 Button Into Your Website

Ways to use the Google+1 button and the importance of this social media network!

The response of the giant of the search engines (Google) at the leader in the field of social media networks, Facebook, has already been present among us in all its splendor since 2011 but it wasn't until January of 2013 that it became the second largest social networking site in the world, having surpassed Twitter. Google has enabled the option for anybody to share content using the Plusone button since its creation and already exists in the market several applications and methods for the inclusion of the G+ button in our project with simplicity. In this post we will look at the more interesting and useful ways you can use and integrate the Google+1 button into your website or blog.

 In the following paragraphs we will have available the information needed to incorporate the Google+ 1 button on our project or web site from the hand of the best applications and plug-ins currently on the market.

 Google+ 1 for WordPress

For all users who have their blogs or websites on the WordPress platform, there is an easy and very quick way to incorporate the Google+ button without having to edit the template, which always means a heavy workload and a more complex task. Especially if we are not advanced users or don't know anything about html.

Ways To Use And Integrate Google+1 Button
The solution in question is called the Google+1 Plugin, which will be responsible for everything you need. Among its features we can count on the possibility of selecting the location of the button on the page, one can choose which pages or entries will display, in addition to being able to use the so-called 'shortcodes'. In our blog (Social Media Combo) for example, we are using WP Socializer which is an advanced plugin for inserting all kinds of Social bookmarking & sharing buttons. It has super cool features to insert the buttons into posts, sidebar. It also has Floating sharebar and Smart load feature where it includes the Google plusone button as well.

 Google Plusone for Chrome

At this point, and to be able to be able to recommend any site that interests us in our browser Chrome, we can use a small extension called +1 Plus One Extension, which also includes the ability so one can vote through the button, as well as the counter of  +1's received.

You can easily Download the +1 extension for Chrome here... Download G+ Extension

Google +1 for other browsers

In the case that we use any other browser instead of Chrome, for which we mentioned above an application specifically designed for Chrome, we have available an alternative more than valid. Use bookmarks.

This method allows us to easily add bookmarks, or favorites into your favorite browser.

 The easy way to Google +1

In the case that our project is not too complex nor with lots of content, the following procedure will suffice.

The only thing we will need is a bit of simple knowledge in HTML, as to be able to edit the code and embed it on our web pages.

Therefore, you should head up to the following web location: Google+1 For Webmasters

easy ways to integrate google+1 Once there one can be able to select the required options that best fit our lifestyle and page preferences.

In this location we will also have available some parameters that will allow us to configure some of the options of our G+ button. Some of them are the style that will have the button, the language, the ability to include a counter in the same and, or the time in which the Javascript code should run.

As we know, the idea of Google in this respect is that all the searches that we make using Google's search engine include recommendations and results made by our friends, and contacts in a similar manner to Facebook or Twitter.
Once you have completed all these steps, the only thing that remains is to paste the code into your web page.

Above we have included some easy ways to use and integrate Google+ button into your website.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are Facebook And Twitter Everything In Social Media?

No.... "In Social Media, not everything is Twitter and Facebook" 

  Nowadays when we talk about Social Media Marketing, most people instantly think about two words. Facebook and Twitter. While it is true that these two major social media platforms concentrate hundreds of millions of users together and a large percentage of internet users has an active profile on each of the two, we must not forget that there are plenty of social networks on Internet where you can get in contact with your potential customers.

In addition to the big heavy-weights like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube or Tumblr, there are other webs that attract users that could be interested in your niche or subject-matters specializing by those that the users involve themselves in a much more active way like for example the newest social media image sharing website, Pinterest. A Real Case Study between Pinterest and Facebook written by a famous online jewelry retailer says that the period of time that the users remains connected in Pinterest is usually longer and also the attention given to the publications and interaction with your boards and pins on Pinterest is major than the attention you can receive in a tweet in twitter or a post on facebook. ( I have noticed that personally with our Pinterest account ).

 As a social media specialists my best advise is that if you are going to open up a personal or a business profile in any of these social networks, do so, but do it motivated by real and authentic interests that will well relate with aspects of your business or by your personal likes. If you find a social network that is much more related to your niche or activity of your business, you can be 99% certain that a great percentage of the users of that network are going to be your potential customers and that you will be able to reach them easier if you  decide to join in a more active way on that specific social media platform.

We should also try to remember that both the time to promote our business in social media, whether it be through a page such as Facebook, Twitter, or in a dedicated forum in your niche sector, these networks and modern  means of communication are based on the feedback that the user receives so its very important being part of the conversation always bringing something different to your potential customers.

If you don't have the time to promote your business social profiles you can always hire a social media reseller website where you can buy Twitter followers. These social media services are among the most popular ones nowadays and lots of professionals, artists, law firms, politicians (Newt Gingrich) are using it including your competitors.

What social networks are you using right now and how have they worked for your business? Your feedback and comments will be more than welcome below..

and don't forget to follow me on Twitter.. @addfollowers_us