Saturday, March 31, 2012

What Is Pinterest?

I remember months ago hearing of Pinterest for the first time in a 'tweet' and ever since I got my invitation and created my first board I gotta admit that I'm becoming more and more addicted to it.

 But what is Pinterest and what's all this buzz about a new image social media community?
As defined in wikipedia Pinterest is a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users to create and manage theme-based image collections such as events, interests, hobbies and much more... and believe it or not like Twitter, Pinterest uses its own vocabulary: The planks are called boards and annotations pins (Pin + interest-> Pinterest)  
As I read "The site was born in March 2010, but it wasn't so popular and known until in they launched an iPhone application back in the month of August. Since then, traffic has not only grown but also and according to Alexa, Pinterest now ranks 26 among the most visited websites in the United States and 126 worldwide. In December of 2011 it reached 11 million unique users. The visual appeal of the site is what seems to have triggered its immense growth (it’s the fastest site in history to reach 10 million unique visitors per month).

While originally most people thought of Pinterest as a site for women who liked to scrapbook, it has proved to a much more powerful social media tool.  Users on Pinterest can “repin” which is the equivalent of a “retweet” on Twitter, or they can like and comment on users boards.  Much like Twitter, Pinterest gives users the option to follow certain people or genres according to their interests.
Local businesses are seeing the appeal of Pinterest because it allows them to connect with potential consumers by showing visuals of the products or services.  While Pinterest is not a good fit for all businesses, it has proved to be especially useful to clothing stores/brands, jewelry makers, bakeries, restaurants, event planners, hotels, etc.  In addition to offering an insight into your business, it can also help drive sales.  Pinterest is a great way to “advertise” for free and we all know that nothing beats word of mouth advertising.

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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

4 Places To Buy Twitter Followers and Facebook Fans

The best places to buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes!

 It's not rare that nowadays on the Internet you can buy almost everything and apart from sites that sell products and services, we're starting to find companies that sell traffic to your site, backlinks to improve your SEO and your PageRank, and as social networks such as Twitter and Facebook continue with their 'boom' , new companies have emerged selling fans and followers to your social media accounts and on this post we will list the best 5 places to buy Twitter followers and Facebook likes.  

 All this marketing and advertising through mediums such as social media networks is what makes this even bigger. I recently started searching and found a few Twitter follower supplier websites and some Facebook fans supplier websites as well as companies that sell Youtube video views and subscribers and in this post I will post a few links just in case you're looking to buy twitter followers, Facebook likes or Youtube video views and subscribers. 

This site targets Twitter followers and Instagram followers and you gotta check out their prices. From what I've seen and comparing this site to the rest I've got to say that is the most trustworthy of all. Their prices also go extremely low compared to its major competitors and As a matter of fact this is really the only website where you can buy Twitter followers at wholesale prices. Their prices go from:
  • $5 dollars for 500+ followers
  • $9.99 for 1100+ followers in the first basic package. 
  • You can also upgrade to 2500+ followers on Twitter for a mere low price of $17.99 
  • and for a more advanced and entrepreneur campaign you can add 10,000 followers for just $52.00.  
 "Now compare the prices yourself with the featured links on this post and help yourself trying to figure out how much real money you can save" But that's not all cause their Pro package offers 
  • 100,000 Twitter followers for only $420.00.


SocialMediaCombo also known as the "Official Social Media Combo" is a great one stop place to get your social media marketing campaign off to a good start. They have been dealing with social media for years now & their experts have the experience and the know-how to get you the followers on Twitter you need quickly. Their team is based in Florida, U.S.A
Their Twitter followers packages range from 500 to 50,000 followers, but they also have done custom orders for some of its clients.
From this site you can buy 500 Twitter followers for $7.00 dollars as well as Youtube video views, Facebook likes and Instagram followers.

One can easily order Facebook likes starting off with- 

  • 600 Facebook fans for $19.00 USD
  • 1000 Facebook fans for $30.00 USD
  • 2000 Facebook fans for $55.00 USD 
  • 3000 Facebook fans from $79.00 USD 
Their packages of Twitter followers go from the range of -
  • 500 Twitter followers for $7.00 USD
  • 50,000 Twitter followers for $220.00 USD 
 The company has also made a lot of emphasis on the quality of likes and followers they supply.

Cheap Social Media SEO
We got to know this website searching for an affordable and cheap seo services provider and we found more than high quality search engine optimization services.
 One can easily buy 500 Twitter followers 6 dollars.

  • 1200+ for $14.00
  • 2000 for $23.00
  • 5000 for $35.00 
At Cheap Social Media SEO one can also find affordable one way dofollow backlink services as well as website traffic services.
One can easily make this website your one stop for all your SEO and SMO needs since its also a supplier of Facebook likes, cheap Instagram followers, Youtube video submissions and a lot of more services..

It's a MUST to bookmark this website!

Social MediaCombo.Net

This cmpany offers a premier advertising service.
Their prices are extremely low also from our point of view.. 
  • 1500 basic followers for $19.00 USD
  • 5000 followers on Twitter for $42.00 USD
  • 10,000 followers for $60.00 USD
  • and up to 50,000 for $214.00 USD 
Facebook is now the world's largest advertising and marketing platform, even surpassing Google in terms of sheer profitability and Social Media Combo hasn't left this behind since you can also buy Facebook likes.
You can buy 1000 Facebook likes and climb all the way to the top of 20,000 thousand  Facebook likes for a price of $490.00.

Well, I hope that after this brief post about some of the places where you can buy Twitter followers and Facebook fans you are more careful on where you plan to buy quality Twitter followers. There's lots of scams and fake promises particularly by companies that can ensure you get you 1000's of followers and fans for astronomical high prices using black hat techniques which can put your Facebook and Twitter account in jeopardy.

Stay tuned to read my next post about where to find some more rare online marketing stuff.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

4 Easy Ways To Attract Real Quality Followers on Twitter

Most people know that Twitter is the heaven of social networks and is also a great place to find and interact with other people. What is an unknown fact to many is that Twitter is also a powerful tool to help find and create niches for your website or blog. 

Twitter is also an excellent platform to attract more people, especially if you're a blogger. This is the place to earn and get people who follow you interested not only in your Tweets but also in the content of your blog. If you're targeting an appropriate audience to increase the number of followers to your Twitter account this might likely make your increase of your visitors in your blog too. 

But how do we learn the difference between Twitter followers that represent high quality and those that don't represent anything? 

 Without doubt this is the big question. The answer will allow you to learn even more about the ability of Twitter to increase quality traffic to your blog. A follower of Twitter that represents a high quality niche is someone with a good reputation and is an established member of Twitter and in which people trust. This person can be a leader in the industry, a popular businessman, an author, an artist, a famous chef or just someone with great power to call in your area of ​​interest. Usually these people have real quality followers on Twitter and are at the same time very influential. These are the people that can help your blog to get a good range.  

Therefore, if you want to get more quality traffic to your blog is to these kinds of people where you have to go. Your ultimate goal is to get all your followers back to your site. This will ensure a greater number of Twitter followers that represent an immediate niche for your site or will in the future. Why in the future? Because new Twitter users tend to search for known persons or famous in their area of ​​interest to decide who to follow. If you're already on that list, now you face a great opportunity to obtain approval and gain their trust for a long time. 

 Keep in mind that every day are created between 5000 and 10,000 Twitter accounts. This means that every day more and more people are looking for clues about who to follow. So what are the ways to attract real quality followers on Twitter? 

The following strategies will definitely help you gain more followers of "high quality". 

1.Base your choice on trust: First and foremost, check out who the major players are in the niche market you are trying to target. This can be done with the help of Twitter Search. I also enjoy using Twellow since this tool has a great feature that shows the results sorted by number of tweets. This way you can find the Twitter users with more followers related to your niche. 

2.Maintain alert: In addition to following high-profile users on Twitter, you can also subscribe to their websites or blogs via RSS. This step is important because you can keep yourself informed about the issues the big birds consider important. Sending a response or comment to the topic they are interested in promoting will definitely increase and improve your chances of getting a response from them. 

3.Maintain updated: Don't miss the opportunity to read the blog and visit the website that someone in your market or niche has just launched. You should also try to send to your Twitter followers a link to the new product and send a response to your high-level users since they will see it on their Twitter accounts. 

4.The Blog: Why not go one step forward and write a post on your blog about the topics that most interest the users on Twitter you are targeting and aiming for? With such a service known as Twitter, this message can be sent automatically to your Twitter account along with a link to your blog.
These are just a few strategies and easy ways to attract quality followers on Twitter

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Don't Buy Twitter Followers or Buying Them. Scam or Not?

Have you thought about purchasing Twitter followers? It turns out that it's becoming fashionable to acquire this type of "products" to fastly swell the popularity of some social networking accounts such as Twitter, Youtube and Facebook. This phenomenon itself has created a whole new Internet business, but what type of fans would you like to buy? Are you interested in actually doing it? Is this a scam or not?

So far, it was thought that only small companies that launched their businesses with Social Media resorted to this practice. But we recently have seen that some user accounts, ie, personal accounts, are also adopting this legitimate practice.

The proliferation of companies engaged in the sale of Twitter followers arose from the need in some users to get followers on Twitter quickly. It all started with the sale of packages of 'views' to Youtube videos and the initiative was so successful that soon spread to other social networks like Facebook and Twitter, which is really where this business works today. 

The success of companies like AddTwitter-Followers.Com, & where one can even buy Facebook likes cheap, has reached the point to where you can currently buy different packages to purchase cheaper out, for example, buying 1200 real Twitter followers for $9.99 is a good deal on this type of product or 1,000 fans on Facebook for $29.00 (of which, incidentally, it seems that the follower is more valuable than the fan)

As you can imagine, buying followers is a simple way to increase your number of followers, but not everything that shines is gold you know. You may think that this business can help you to achieve your goals, especially if you're looking for more customers and more popularity. But you gotta be aware that there's lots of scams out there.. 

If you want to stick to your idea of purchasing fans or followers for your social media campaigns
AddTwitter-Followers has a large number of supporters throughout the web. We have a continuing interest in continued growth in number of fans and real followers, so that we bracket with traffic and content with potential from the advertising point of view.
If your page / group / membership hasn't met the quantity and quality of Twitter followers we would be more than glad to help your social media campaigns. Contact us at and we will definitely help you on your Twitter marketing campaign.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can You Buy Twitter Followers?

 The fact that the little blue 'Twitter bird' has become a gigantic phenomenon in internet for almost the past 4 or 5 years has made people from all over the world and 5 star Fortune companies look at it as if it was the best marketing tool of our times.

Buy Real Twitter Followers at Wholesale Prices

Just recently it was brought to my attention that one of my co-workers had managed to grow his Twitter account from 200 and something followers to almost 10,000 thousand real profile and daily active followers and his account is still growing at a rate of almost 200 a day by simply buying them at a wholesale twitter follower supplier, with some surprise I remember myself just recently reading a recent article barely weeks ago about a similar service that allowed you to buy real Twitter followers at wholesale prices too.

It seems that "buying Twitter followers" and "Facebook fans" has become the most recent social media fashion web marketers and businesses have adopted to build credibility among their customers and users but the true official website that I read about only dedicates to sell Twitter followers.

 The website of which I refer that only sells and you can buy real Twitter followers at wholesale prices is called AddTwitter-Followers.Com with a slash between Twitter and Followers and what I like about this special twitter follower delivery service is that it allows you to buy Twitter followers at the rate of U.S. $1 per 100+ followers and their all 100% profiled and daily users. I did my research and that's a pretty good deal.

Their minimum purchase is a great bargain because you can get between 1000 & 1500+ plus followers for only $9.99 and best of all this site does not require you to leave your Twitter password like other similar sites do... I know it because I have used their service twice in two weeks and I've seen very positive results and among all I can also high-line the fact that 85% of the users this website delivers are U.S based users so that's something real worth to share.

So if you want a quick way to gain real profile, daily users and U.S based followers I'd recommend you to visit this people now..