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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Ways To Use And Integrate Google+1 Button Into Your Website

Ways to use the Google+1 button and the importance of this social media network!

The response of the giant of the search engines (Google) at the leader in the field of social media networks, Facebook, has already been present among us in all its splendor since 2011 but it wasn't until January of 2013 that it became the second largest social networking site in the world, having surpassed Twitter. Google has enabled the option for anybody to share content using the Plusone button since its creation and already exists in the market several applications and methods for the inclusion of the G+ button in our project with simplicity. In this post we will look at the more interesting and useful ways you can use and integrate the Google+1 button into your website or blog.

 In the following paragraphs we will have available the information needed to incorporate the Google+ 1 button on our project or web site from the hand of the best applications and plug-ins currently on the market.

 Google+ 1 for WordPress

For all users who have their blogs or websites on the WordPress platform, there is an easy and very quick way to incorporate the Google+ button without having to edit the template, which always means a heavy workload and a more complex task. Especially if we are not advanced users or don't know anything about html.

Ways To Use And Integrate Google+1 Button
The solution in question is called the Google+1 Plugin, which will be responsible for everything you need. Among its features we can count on the possibility of selecting the location of the button on the page, one can choose which pages or entries will display, in addition to being able to use the so-called 'shortcodes'. In our blog (Social Media Combo) for example, we are using WP Socializer which is an advanced plugin for inserting all kinds of Social bookmarking & sharing buttons. It has super cool features to insert the buttons into posts, sidebar. It also has Floating sharebar and Smart load feature where it includes the Google plusone button as well.

 Google Plusone for Chrome

At this point, and to be able to be able to recommend any site that interests us in our browser Chrome, we can use a small extension called +1 Plus One Extension, which also includes the ability so one can vote through the button, as well as the counter of  +1's received.

You can easily Download the +1 extension for Chrome here... Download G+ Extension

Google +1 for other browsers

In the case that we use any other browser instead of Chrome, for which we mentioned above an application specifically designed for Chrome, we have available an alternative more than valid. Use bookmarks.

This method allows us to easily add bookmarks, or favorites into your favorite browser.

 The easy way to Google +1

In the case that our project is not too complex nor with lots of content, the following procedure will suffice.

The only thing we will need is a bit of simple knowledge in HTML, as to be able to edit the code and embed it on our web pages.

Therefore, you should head up to the following web location: Google+1 For Webmasters

easy ways to integrate google+1 Once there one can be able to select the required options that best fit our lifestyle and page preferences.

In this location we will also have available some parameters that will allow us to configure some of the options of our G+ button. Some of them are the style that will have the button, the language, the ability to include a counter in the same and, or the time in which the Javascript code should run.

As we know, the idea of Google in this respect is that all the searches that we make using Google's search engine include recommendations and results made by our friends, and contacts in a similar manner to Facebook or Twitter.
Once you have completed all these steps, the only thing that remains is to paste the code into your web page.

Above we have included some easy ways to use and integrate Google+ button into your website.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Are Facebook And Twitter Everything In Social Media?

No.... "In Social Media, not everything is Twitter and Facebook" 

  Nowadays when we talk about Social Media Marketing, most people instantly think about two words. Facebook and Twitter. While it is true that these two major social media platforms concentrate hundreds of millions of users together and a large percentage of internet users has an active profile on each of the two, we must not forget that there are plenty of social networks on Internet where you can get in contact with your potential customers.

In addition to the big heavy-weights like Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube or Tumblr, there are other webs that attract users that could be interested in your niche or subject-matters specializing by those that the users involve themselves in a much more active way like for example the newest social media image sharing website, Pinterest. A Real Case Study between Pinterest and Facebook written by a famous online jewelry retailer says that the period of time that the users remains connected in Pinterest is usually longer and also the attention given to the publications and interaction with your boards and pins on Pinterest is major than the attention you can receive in a tweet in twitter or a post on facebook. ( I have noticed that personally with our Pinterest account ).

 As a social media specialists my best advise is that if you are going to open up a personal or a business profile in any of these social networks, do so, but do it motivated by real and authentic interests that will well relate with aspects of your business or by your personal likes. If you find a social network that is much more related to your niche or activity of your business, you can be 99% certain that a great percentage of the users of that network are going to be your potential customers and that you will be able to reach them easier if you  decide to join in a more active way on that specific social media platform.

We should also try to remember that both the time to promote our business in social media, whether it be through a page such as Facebook, Twitter, or in a dedicated forum in your niche sector, these networks and modern  means of communication are based on the feedback that the user receives so its very important being part of the conversation always bringing something different to your potential customers.

If you don't have the time to promote your business social profiles you can always hire a social media reseller website where you can buy Twitter followers. These social media services are among the most popular ones nowadays and lots of professionals, artists, law firms, politicians (Newt Gingrich) are using it including your competitors.

What social networks are you using right now and how have they worked for your business? Your feedback and comments will be more than welcome below..

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