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What Is SMO? Social Media Optimization

SMO or Social Media Optimization Is like SEO To Search Engine Optimization!

 Social Media Optimization or SMO' 'is a new term that has been gaining life of its own. It is similar to the SEO. The SMO tactics can generate large amounts of visits to a website and you can also determine if a new company, website, or an idea is viable or not. SMO is all about using your social media channels to drive direct traffic to a website or a blog because after all search engines are not the only way to get more web traffic. While it is not a substitute to SEO, we all have to admit that social media optimization has the potential to someday achieve and even exceed in importance. We must therefore be prepared.

social media optimization services

Social Media

'Social media' is a buzzword. But, what does it really mean? According to the definition of Wikipedia, Social Media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they "create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks."

Social media can take many different forms, including texts, images, audio and video. Social media includes blogs, forums, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs. In addition, the means of social communication can be considered any medium that can help build a community. The dissemination of messages through blog posting also fits. Social Media Optimization does not have to be something difficult, it is doing something easy and simple like staying in touch with friends, clients and contacts through your social media channels.

 The Basis Of SMO

Unlike SEO where most people do the impossible to stay on top of the SERPS, we must not force our SMO efforts. Social media is not a search engine, it's all about real people so when optimizing your social media try to avoid spamming at all costs. This is not about taking your marketing message to someone else but instead making others to do this for you.

Gone are the days when one had to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a small billboard around the corner. Social Media is FREE and is a completely different approach. There are hundreds of apps and hundreds of tools that we can use to measure our web analytics, we can also track the traffic that is generated using our different social media channels and even measure the ROI we get from our social media campaigns. Social Media optimization (SMO) enables anyone or any business to position their brand in the correct customer environment.

Begin to optimize your business social media accounts today. offers great SMO for all your business needs. Social media optimization is a new way that you need to start to work on today!

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Saturday, March 16, 2013

7 Easy Ways To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Business Fanpage

Easy ways to get more Facebook Likes

In 2011 Quantcast estimated that Facebook had approximately 138.9 million monthly unique U.S. visitors only, and as of September 2012, Facebook already had over one billion active users worldwide. In this post we will write about some easy ways to get more Facebook likes for your business fanpage.

 We've already written about ways of getting more likes to your Facebook page and the importance of Facebook likes and how you can make a product more consumer friendly, however, the fact that a consumer has declared fan of your brand on Facebook does not necessarily mean that he or she will buy  everything you offer, according to the author of "Facebook Marketing All-In -One for Dummies", Amy Porterfield, brands need to produce "Super Fans".

According to what the social media expert said in Mashable, this type of "Super Fans" are those who buy almost everything you offer them, they are also able to withstand the criticism of your brand and will be the first ones to defend your business or company during a public relations crisis.
easy ways to get more facebook likes

 Simple and effective ways to get more fans on Facebook:
 Though I may not be a Facebook rock star with a million likes on our Facebook page, I’m having some success with my social media page, at least in terms of interaction and bringing traffic to my site. Here’s what seems to be working for me:
  1. Make your page 75% visual: Do you have a Youtube channel? If not, get one asap. Share your Youtube videos to your Facebook page and if you have images, share them as well. It's a well known fact that humans are attracted to the visual and will stay longer if you provide them something worthy to look at. But again, post the appropriate ones. This is business, baby! 
  2. Involve bloggers: Each campaign of Social Media Marketing should include relevant bloggers linked to your niche. Find top notch people in your niche, and maintain contact with them to establish a relationship, this strategy may bring wells of advantages for your brand. After you find some active bloggers, don't miss out on the track and encourage them to get involved in your community. 
  3. Reward your Superfans:  You can give free coupons, free subscription to your e-book or newsletters to those loyal fans who’ve encouraged their friends to "Like your Fan Page" and become your fan. You can also reward them as “Fan of the Week”
  4. Optimize your presence for mobile: Did you know close to 70% of people visit Facebook on mobile devices? And recently Facebook made it easier to Like a page directly from mobile device. So, to attract your growing mobile fan base, think about frequent, lightweight posts designed to engage and encourage connection. This includes quick polls, yes/no questions, and colorful, easy to view images.
  5.  Join relevant groups & participate: When you do a search on Facebook, the search will come back with all relevant pages, apps, groups, people and places. Finding out what groups (both public and private) that exist in your niche is important because you want to join as many as                 possible. If the group is private, send a message to the administrator to nicely introduce yourself and ask about the possibility of joining the group. Once you've joined one or more groups in your niche, be sure to take the time to participate. Now that you can directly connect with your audience, it is time to do it! This does NOT mean that you jump into the conversation with a sales pitch. Nor, should you ask them to join your list. Instead, make your goal to be to be helpful and start relationships. Gain their trust, first. Remember, you must be a follower before you can be a leader. 
  6. Push all social channels back to Facebook: Everything you do online through social media should always be cross platform and I would always try and push as many people to Facebook as possible from either Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other social profiles that you have. I wouldn’t just be asking them to like your page either but instead provide compelling content (video, photos etc) that is only available on Facebook for example. "Bottom Line" Give people a reason to cross over to Facebook and like you.
  7. Know your Fans: Keep the conversation and happenings inviting to your fan demographic. Make it fun for and interesting for them and not necessarily interesting to you. Keep them around or lose them forever. More fan clicks drive more inbound links, which drive search engine optimization.
Use what works best for you and your brand. Know your brand, understand the demographic and get creative.

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 I know there are many more easy ways to get more Facebook likes for your business Fanpage and many other ways to engage folks on your page- contests, surveys, offering a  “like” for a latte contest. What else?  Share yours and hey! “Like Us” on Facebook!  And while you’re there, roam around a little.  It’s not all about the ‘like’.