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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Easy Ways to Stamp Your Online Presence Using Social Media

How to stamp your online presence using social media

Social media networks offer businesses an affordable and streamlined way to share good content with their target market. How can marketers leverage these platforms to their advantage? What are the best ways to stamp your online presence? Good content must be shared with audiences, and you must find ways to get ahead of the competition in this respect.

Multiple sharing without resorting to spamming

Essentially, spamming is sharing the same message or post over and over. This is undesirable behavior that often leads to loss of potential customers. Since multiple shares can lead to a higher number of followers, it is important to package the information differently so that the message gets out there without discouraging supporters. You should not resort to spamming, which may tarnish your online reputation and lead to a huge loss of potential customers.

People don’t really mind the practice of sharing content multiple times. Actually, followers don’t really see every single post, and this is why sharing a post more than once is necessary so that the probability of the target audience receiving the message is higher. There are many ways to express the same idea or concept. 

For instance, the first post can be written in the form of a statement, while the next post, which contains the same message, can be introduced in the form of a question. Packaging content in varied ways is an effective way to send out an important message that bears repeating. But, in order to elicit strong reactions, the message must not be repetitive and static.
Optimizing content for every network

using social media
 Social media platforms share similar characteristics, but then they also have innate differences, which marketers need to heed. In Twitter, for example, one of the best ways to encourage people to become involved more deeply is to pose solutions to their most pressing questions. Titles of useful articles can be posted, ensuring that the content is within the 140-character limit. Meanwhile, in Facebook, even sales post must be presented in a friendly, conversational tone to entice people who prefer a casual approach. In LinkedIn, the key is to stimulate a discussion between professionals that revolve around a topic that is relevant to the brand.

Results monitoring

Another way to establish your online presence using social media is to monitor results. If the objective is a constant influx of traffic, it is essential that the results of current campaigns are known. In order to attain the right amount of social activity that continues to engage audiences, you must study the response of audiences to your previous posts. How are they reacting to the messages you send out? Is there a need to increase post activity? Or perhaps you must consider a decrease in activity since engagement seems to drop, perhaps due to audience bombardment?

 Monitoring tools are available to everyone. You can even determine audience response to the quality of your content and the frequency of social media posting in real time. Take advantage of digital tools that allow you to get useful feedback. Analyze the data, and plan for the next step that will propel your brand forward.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Should Get Involved In Social Media

Here's 3 reasons businesses should get involved in social media..

Every second, at least one individual signs up with a social media network. These platforms now serve as places in the Web where people and organizations can share information, converse, and connect with key players within the niche. The growing user-base of social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram has given businesses enough reasons to join the bandwagon. Presently, social media is reportedly the most common activity that people engage in online.

Social media carries a lot of weight and it is not about to go away, like a fad or a phase. Social media is here to stay. Businesses and professionals must therefore put in enough time and strategy to their social media accounts, especially the ones that have the most number of active users. Here are three reasons why business owners must start to be more serious about working on their social media presence.

Social Media is here to stay.. Understand and Use it or FALL behind..

Reason #1: Majority of marketers are already in social media

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why business owners must not take too long to decide when they ought to delve into social media is the fact that 93% of marketers are already there including their competitors. Social media is already an important component of the overall marketing strategy of others in the niche. There are risks tied to joining social media networks, but there are awesome benefits as well. The fact is the businesses that have made the leap are finding new reasons everyday to expand their social networks even more.

Nevertheless, it must be stressed that success in social media is dependent on a lot of factors. For instance, the most appropriate and cost-efficient social media marketing tool must be chosen and then implemented. The right kind of people must be behind the social media campaigns, and they must conceptualize, launch, and monitor activities that will propel the business into prominence. Many benefits await a business with a sound online marketing strategy.

Reason #2: Social media allows businesses owners to build and manage their reputation

Let us first discuss the role of social media in developing trust in a company name or brand. These days, because of the huge array of options to choose from, customers often narrow it down by sorting through products from brand names known for consistently producing high quality merchandise. They can do this easily with the numerous online tools available. For example, when faced with new names and brands, modern customers usually take to their mobile devices, search the Web and check out the social media accounts tied to the brand. The process is required for the purpose of authenticating the brand and determining whether the company name can be trusted or not. A business without social network accounts is automatically excluded in this process.

However, with a well-maintained social media presence, businesses of any size can provide the buying public with what they need to know. As more information is shared, the reputation of a business can be established with the help of relevant content. In addition, consumers can be in direct contact with the people who turn the gears and make everything work. They can give their feedback and they can make recommendations. The public can also make inquiries. Meanwhile, there is another advantage of getting involved in social media. Businesses can respond to questions, deal with negative comments and complaints, and diffuse issues that can seriously damage the reputation of the company or brand. In recent years, social media platforms have served thousands of businesses in this way.

Reason #3: It is free

The social media revolution is upon as all, and one can only imagine what the next generation of social media technology is capable of in the future. Whether we use it for personal, professional, or commercial purposes, we are given the opportunity to share information with millions of people worldwide. The best part is this: We can have an online presence in the three biggest social networks in the world, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook without spending a dime. Although there are features of social media networks, which can only be availed with cash payment, the free versions are often adequate in increasing traffic and sales. Reports also indicate that lead generation via social media may be achieved by devoting six hours a week updating posts and interacting with other account holders.

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Use Instagram For Business!

Thinking to use Instagram for business affairs?

More than 40% of the world's leading companies have decided to create an Instagram account; It's easy to know why: A Community Manager should be in those network places where the people are and the photo app owned by Facebook with vintage effects has already more than 100 million registered users. So why not use Instagram for business?

If you want to know how to use Instagram for your brand following these easy tips should get you on track:

Always use the same username:

One of the main rules on branding: try to stick with your same username in all social networks. Why?, to start off Instagram offers the possibility to integrate your activity in other networks, such as, for example, Twitter or Facebook. The second reason is that users tend to label or make reference to your company by the name they already know.



If your business doesn't yet have a large number of Instagram followers, start making use of hashtags related to your business: get moving.


Find Followers:

 No one has the magic formula to go viral on Instagram nor any other social media network, but according to Neil Patel on his blog if you're new to Instagram your best bet is to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account since 20% of Facebook users already use the platform.
When you connect your two accounts to each other, your Facebook friends will notice it and start following you on Instagram as well. Based on the data from my own account, 3% of your Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram. If you happen to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram, that number can increase to just under 5%.


Share all those unique moments: 

 The reality is that no user really cares if last night your whole company squad ate chocolate muffins; however, a lot of users will be happy seeing a feast about a company celebrating their 5,000 sale number, an image with useful tips or some funny moment.

Instagram is all about sharing unique moments, those users that upload pictures every five minutes just get boring and, if it is a brand or a company even more.

Use Instagram filters. One of the main features of Instagram are filters. Using them will make your photos much more attractive and will get you followed. Filters are also great in personalization, so you photos will look exceptional and make users come back for more. Edit your photos a lot - it seems like a trend out there. - See more at:

Make use of the Filters:

 Using the special photo filters that Instagram provides will surely make your images much more attractive making you gain more followers. Filters are also great way to personalize your brand's photos.

Getting followers for your Instagram business account can be a very challenging task, since you're going to need a lot of spare time and dedicate attention to your campaigns. If you're planning to use Instagram for business being polite is a must, since these followers are your prospective clients, and your company’s image will have a direct influence on sales.

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

What Is SMO? Social Media Optimization

SMO or Social Media Optimization Is like SEO To Search Engine Optimization!

 Social Media Optimization or SMO' 'is a new term that has been gaining life of its own. It is similar to the SEO. The SMO tactics can generate large amounts of visits to a website and you can also determine if a new company, website, or an idea is viable or not. SMO is all about using your social media channels to drive direct traffic to a website or a blog because after all search engines are not the only way to get more web traffic. While it is not a substitute to SEO, we all have to admit that social media optimization has the potential to someday achieve and even exceed in importance. We must therefore be prepared.

social media optimization services

Social Media

'Social media' is a buzzword. But, what does it really mean? According to the definition of Wikipedia, Social Media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they "create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks."

Social media can take many different forms, including texts, images, audio and video. Social media includes blogs, forums, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs. In addition, the means of social communication can be considered any medium that can help build a community. The dissemination of messages through blog posting also fits. Social Media Optimization does not have to be something difficult, it is doing something easy and simple like staying in touch with friends, clients and contacts through your social media channels.

 The Basis Of SMO

Unlike SEO where most people do the impossible to stay on top of the SERPS, we must not force our SMO efforts. Social media is not a search engine, it's all about real people so when optimizing your social media try to avoid spamming at all costs. This is not about taking your marketing message to someone else but instead making others to do this for you.

Gone are the days when one had to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a small billboard around the corner. Social Media is FREE and is a completely different approach. There are hundreds of apps and hundreds of tools that we can use to measure our web analytics, we can also track the traffic that is generated using our different social media channels and even measure the ROI we get from our social media campaigns. Social Media optimization (SMO) enables anyone or any business to position their brand in the correct customer environment.

Begin to optimize your business social media accounts today. offers great SMO for all your business needs. Social media optimization is a new way that you need to start to work on today!

Some of the websites dedicated to offer social media optimization services where we have had positive results are:

This is a Guest Post:
Author: Susan Soltrelly

Monday, July 9, 2012

The 2012 London Olympic Games: Announced To Be The Most Social Olympics In History

Social Media In The 2012 London Olympic Games

The London Olympic Games have already been described as the "first social Olympics" and, although it is not very clear as how really social will they be, it is nevertheless clear that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube will have a more important role than ever in the dissemination of information of the 2012 London Olympic  Games globalizing all the live conversations that will be generated around them.

2012 olympic games and social media
From the past 2008 Olympic Games the online social media panorama has changed drastically. Four years ago there were only 1.500 million Internet users around the world, 23% of the world population, but this 2012 summer the figure has grown up to nearly 2.300 million users, that's one third of the population of the planet.

But for a better understanding of the role that the different social media networks are going to playing in the Olympic Games of London, Mashable has analysed one by one, the diffrerent platforms to discover the keys and find out if the London 2012 Olympic Games are really going to be the "First Social Olympics ".


In August 2008, a tweet posted by former Facebook Executive and current co-founder of Path, Dave Morin, held that Facebook had surpassed the 100 million users. The figures at that time showed that Facebook had just overcome MySpace in popularity and 2008 was also the same year in which the social network premiered their chat. (and 4 years later their chat still sucks)

Four years later, Facebook already is more than 900 million users and is becoming a gateway to the web for many users.


 2008 was a good year for Twitter. The microblogging network experienced an explosive growth with almost 6 million registered users that sent some 300,000 daily tweets. For then the users were still looking for the place that would occupy this social network in its on-line habits, but simultaneously discovering its informative potential and marking the beginning of what would be the revolution through that we are living today in the consumption and diffusion of news.

To today, Twitter counts with more than 500 million users who write 400 millions of tweets every day. The sports news will usually use this channel to communicate with their followers in live-real time, turning this channel a marketing key for the sportsmen and the environment in which, of course, means and fans will generate many of the conversations in these London 2012 summer olympic games.


In 2008 the most popular online video page had already climbed to more than 10 hours of video upload per minute. By then it was already a favorite destination of many to watch videos on the internet and it already had a mobile site, pre-roll ads and a 720 p HD video option.

Now it seems logical to say that the most memorable moments that we are all going to live in these upcoming Olympic Games will be viewed through YouTube. This year the platform already receives more than 800 million unique visits each month, period during which 3,000 million hours of video are viewed and every minute 700 videos are shared to Twitter via Youtube.

So, we will just have to wait for 2 or 3 more weeks and see how social media behaved in these 2012 summer olympic London games

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twitter In The Bathroom

Because Social Media Has Never Been So Disposable

Just when you think you've seen it all there's always something new. Now you can have a printed bathroom roll of paper with your Twitter feed history printed on it.

- For those Twitter addicts that need to be connected at all times, the company in charge of this will offer a new service called  "Shitter" and what they do is that they print all your Twitter tweets and feed and print them on toilet paper, this way you can go through all your Tweets in the bathroom.

  With this option people will be able to take their messages on a printed roll including your history, contacts favorites, plus any lists created in the micro-blogging, outlined the company's website.

It's funny how their slogan that accompanies the product is "Social Media has never been so disposable." The service charge will be $35 USD for a pack of four rolls, which can be purchased via the Internet through their website

It's not the first time a company does something with toilet paper, but they are the first to consider the social network Twitter to go to the bathroom.
For those of you that thought that buying followers on Twitter at wholesale prices was a social media crazy idea what do you think of the "shitter" toilet paper and having Twitter in the bathroom?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Modern New Robots Invade Twitter

  Two weeks ago one of my colleagues asked me for a little bit of help in his social media campaigns and he was interested in getting more Twitter followers on a few accounts with 'no robots'. In an hour or so we had already setup 20 Twitter accounts and we noticed that from the time that passes from opening a new account on Twitter and start opening up a new one you get three or four women from the nightlife following you in less than one minute. This phenomenon has become popular for several months and can easily cause a negative welcoming effect somewhat surprising to any new user on Twitter.Now don't take us wrong and think that there are prostitutes on Twitter sitting down in front of a laptop waiting on Twitter for every new account that gets opened up, as a matter of fact this practice responds to a new form of spam that a couple of spammers have adapted to the 6 year old 140 character micro-blog network better known to you all. Twitter spam is shaped like a robot At first these spammy messages were put using popular hashtags or on trending topics to give them more visibility, but the techniques have become more sophisticated. There are robots that identify these new accounts that immediately become your followers as a system of promotion, but be aware because there are all kinds of robots on Twitter.The new iPad, the best hook There are robots that identify keywords in some Twitter posts to automatically deliver services or just unwanted advertising. One of the most monitored words has been the new iPad. It's very often that you will receive a tweet or a simple mention right after you write or mention the word or brand iPad in a tweet.But among all the techniques, the most common are those programs that automatically help you become follower of different users in a massive way. You got to remember that many Twitter users automatically follow everyone who follows them, and is ironically and thanks to this premise that these robots on Twitter  are able to increase the number of followers very quickly.The 'follow' to 'be followed' is a very popular practice, many companies and individuals used to do it manually, but the popularity of pages and companies like AddTwitter-Followers.Com have facilitated this task of adding Twitter followers to your account which by the way needs a lot of dedication and it could be time consuming. Follow and be Followed

Having a huge list on your "following" list and a very unbalanced one on the number of targeted accounts in the list of "followers" can bee seen as a suspicious activity in Twitter. So, if you use the technique to follow to be followed you will notice that you might have to follow 1000 accounts per day to get 50 or so following you back which by the way most of the people will stop following you in a few days because after all they wanted to build a huge list of followers and not a big one of following like you.Hence, the robots who do this work in an automated manner are achieving great popularity for this task much easier and Tweetadder can be added to this category.Those who use these new programs say they are really useful and effective, and can help increase your account number at several hundred followers in a few weeks.
Let us know your personal experience with Twitter and any tools that you have perhaps used and have had good results..