Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Reactions: Facebook's Newest Feature!

A few weeks ago, Facebook, through its Newsroom portal, announced that it is testing a new feature called Reactions, which is an extension of the "Like" button.

Reactions is the new Facebook feature that will allow us to express our emotions beyond the traditional like button.

Facebook already began a series of limited tests in Spain and Ireland to test different options like "I'm amazed", "I am sad",  and "I'm upset", among many other alternatives to its emblematic "LIKE" function identified with the thumb up icon. This will allow us to express a more truthful reaction to the post on a more detailed form, with new buttons, which express joy, sadness, surprise, discomfort, among others.

Is there any advantage in this new Facebook feature?


Thanks to "Reactions", you will be able to get to know in more detail the reactions of your fans toward your posts (that is to say, for those in the internet marketing business you'll know if your fans love your products or they just simply dislike them). With these new insights you can better target your content and know which posts work best among your audience.

When will it be available? 


At the moment it is a function of test available only in Ireland and Spain. Facebook decided to launch it in these two countries since it is a big change in which much work will be required to implement and analyze and has not yet officially announced an exact release date of this new feature in other countries.
What they are sure is that "Reactions" will be a before and an after in the form that users and pages interact on Facebook. 

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