Tuesday, October 16, 2012

10 Benefits Of Marketing On The Web Using Twitter

Discover some of the benefits of marketing on the web using Twitter for your internet business.

It's well known that Twitter is a great modern marketing tool for communication and social interaction that offers great benefits for anyone marketing on the web and wants to freely promote their business on the internet. However, particularly in the small business market, yet many people do not leverage the potential of having an account on that platform and some don't even know what a "tweet" is.

Its been for this reason that we've taken the time to share with you all some of the uses we give to the 140 characters microblog portal calling this post 10 benefits of marketing on the web using Twitter for your business

Benefits Of Marketing On The Web Using Twitter

  1. Identify Opportunities- Finding marketing niches on Twitter is not a hard thing to accomplish, although it is necessary to devote some time to identify needs and interests, provide solutions and capitalize on them. 
  2. Find Your Audience- Target your audience and keep your followers by sharing valuable information that can really contribute to their solutions & needs and that way you'll be giving them reasons to click on the "continue" button  from your Twitter profile to your online business or blog.
  3. Enhance Your Brand- With over 500 million active users as of 2012, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day and counting, Twitter is the second social network in importance and one of the most visited web sites around the world. Without a doubt, this is a level of an negligible exposure for your business.
  4. Monitor Your Competitors- We're not talking about copying what others are doing, but it is always good to have a reference parameter and know what your competitors are up to, particularly those who are above you. Using Twitter allows you to monitor this easily!
  5. Do Some Networking- This is one of our favorite benefits, because Twitter has been very useful for us to connect with people related to our interests (and from which we have learned a lot); and with some of them, we have even managed to consolidate important projects such as promoting their social media channels.
  6. Receive feedback- You can constantly receive comments on your blog publications by those followers following your blog, you can receive questions about the products you promote and that will let you know how useful are the solutions you are providing your followers!
  7. Increase Traffic To Your Web Site- Marketing on the web using Twitter can be one of the greatest benefits your site can get from social media. Blogging good content, sending out promotions and offers in your "Tweets" are just some strategies that one can implement to generate targeted traffic from Twitter; Now, don't you think that's a great benefit?
  8. Receive Information In Real Time- Traditional media (Radio, TV) are losing ground to Twitter in terms of dissemination of information in real time. How do you explain we learned of the death of Michael Jackson first on Twitter before any other means?
  9. Send Notifications- Another great benefit of marketing on the web using Twitter is that you can send out a message on a pitch, invite 1000's of your followers to your next webinar with just a tweet... Twitter is an excellent choice to keep your followers updated with your most important events and offers everyday!
  10. Program Your Activities- The good thing about been involved in Twitter is that you don't have to be stuck all day to consolidate your presence. There are multiple tools, clients or applications that can schedule your tweets like Hootsuite, so while you could be doing other activities, updates of your blog or your promotions could easily be published on the social network.
The list of the benefits of marketing on the web using Twitter can be an extensive one if you all start analyzing what Twitter has probably done for your products, blog or services. Please contribute with us and let us know if this post has been helpful and don't forget to write about the how Twitter has worked for your business.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Importance Of Social Media Optimization

The great importance of social media optimization (SMO)

With the advancements on the Internet, there have been a lot of changes when it comes to the marketing tactics and techniques of businesses. At the present, almost all online businesses opts for social media optimization services in order to attain popularity on the web as well as to boost traffic to their websites. There are various social media or networking sites. They are utilized by online business owners and companies in order to reach out to their targeted audience. If you have an online business, you should hire social media optimization services.

the importance of social media optimization The importance of social media optimization in any online business cannot be denied. Aside from attracting more traffic to your website, this form of marketing can greatly enhance the rankings on major search engines. In doing so, it will boost the visibility of your website and will make it easier for the clients to find you online. Additionally, another chief advantage of this online marketing strategy is that it is capable of attracting a lot of free traffic to your website. This is why the importance of social media optimization should be considered.
Creating a social media strategy is very helpful in accumulating one-way links to your website. If the links to your website are found in other websites that have top rankings on search engines, the rank of your website will drastically improve as well. Due to the importance of social media optimization, it is best to employ a social media service provider to optimize your SMO in case you are not skilled and experienced enough to come up with your own strategy.
The experts that will provide the social media services are well aware of the importance of social media optimization, thus they can provide the best possible solution for your needs. These experts are highly experienced in optimizing websites on the networking platforms. In doing so, they can create vibrant and useful strategies and plans in order to help your website attain popularity online. Aside from that, getting social media services can help your website achieve visibility with a number of keywords, thus it is possible for your targeted audience and potential clients to find and click on the links to your website. As a result, there will be boosted traffic as well as getting more sales in the process.
You should never ignore the importance of social media optimization. Just make sure that you will choose a reputable service provider that can cater to all your needs.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Social Media Marketing For Artists, Singers and Music Bands

Advantages Of Using Social Media Marketing In The Music And Arts Industry

Social media marketing has rapidly grown in the last ten years at a speed that 7 years ago no one would of have imagined that a 140 character micro-blog known today as Twitter was gonna be on top of the 5 most visited websites on the internet and who would have though that facebook was going to go public 4 years ago like it did on wall street a couple of months ago.
Let's be honest with ourselves and admit it, social media is here to stay and if you're an entrepreneur, artist, a music band, someone in the business and field or independent singer seeking to create a solid fan base you should look for a serious and professional social media reseller website to help you optimize your professional music profile using the top 5 social media channels and pages. Have you tried social media marketing to get those fans and followers you need to have success?

Social media marketing for singers, artists, musicians and bands is the latest and most successful way 5 star music artists and Hollywood artists are using, building this way a strong and solid fan base by leaving a communication channel always open. And when it comes to success in the entertainment industry, communicating with your fans and followers is worth more than applauses!

The good news is that social media, compared to the old school way of advertising will not cost you an arm and a leg like expensive adword or PPC promotional campaigns. In fact, social media marketing has an outstanding delivery and response rate and can cost pennies on the dollar when compared to traditional old school direct-marketing.

Once you open an account on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest,Google or Youtube you or your marketing and advertising team can get started and announce your next shows, cd release, new songs, and special events with the click of a mouse button at the same time sharing your message with thousands of fans an potential fans.

Start growing your social media network today if you want to count with lots of loyal fans and followers, here are a few tips you can use to get things started:

  • If you have a web page or a blog, be sure you add a Facebook like button where it is easily seen by your readers. Include a message such as "Like Us To Stay In Touch" so that visitors know they can expect to hear from you by visiting your Facebook page.
  • Add a "Follow Me On Twitter" on your email signatures as well as on your business cards. Include a 'tweet' or something like "Want To Know Where To Download Our Latest Hit? Follow Me On Twitter!". Have them follow you and give them a big Thank You after they do follow.
  • If you're in the music business as a solo singer or a music band you must have a Youtube video channel with lots of videos and those videos have to have lots of views. We know you're probably thinking that you already have dozens of videos on Youtube but with only a few views on each video. Don't worry as nowadays there are lots of social media reselling websites that can get you 50,000 youtube video views for a couple of dollars and that's nothing compared to the results you get back.
  • Pinterest- Have you heard of Pinterest? Start growing your pinterest followers and take advantage of the most rapid growing image sharing social media network that has ever existed on the net. A way to advertise and promote yourself or your music band on Pinterest would be by uploading or linking or your images to your website, Twitter page or facebook page.
  • Google+ Plus one votes- Google+ will let you share recommendations with friends, contacts and the rest of the web just like Facebook does but in a totally different platform with the same great social media results.
A highly recommended flourishing new social media reseller website like Social Media Combo should be taken into your account at the time you decide to hop in the social media marketing bus. SocialMedia-Combo.com has quickly established itself as one of the hottest social media marketing websites on the net where you can buy Twitter followers, Google +1′s votes, Youtube video views, Pinterest followers and Facebook fans to your social media pages based on your personal or business needs!
By building your list of fans, supporters, subscribers and followers, you can let all your loyal fan base know about your latest link to download your latest songs, promote your upcoming CD or promote any special event you are going to be performing at, etc..