Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Political Presidential Candidates Buying Twitter Followers For Their Social Media Campaigns

Over the past 6 or 7 years our country has seen social media grow like no other phenomenon ever and its something that has impressed many, even presidential candidates. Social media is starting to become something like the fifth element and power in communications and it's a fabulous environment where young people, teenagers and adults can give their direct opinion in real live time on a certain news or anything of their particular interest.

buying twitter followers
Newt Ginrich buying Twitter followers
Just recently we learned and heard about how the latest social media craze of buying Twitter followers has arrived to the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C and the ex republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was allegedly caught buying fake followers on Twitter. As we all know the purchase of followers on Twitter comes back from Michael Jackson's death after allegedly his family bought 25000 twitter followers from an Australian social media reseller website at astronomic prices. The purchase of this type of followers on Twitter though is a popular resource already used by some brands, webmasters and or showbiz people, with the argument of strengthening their online prestige and popularity on the internet.

Some marketing companies offer packages of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google likes or views on YouTube, starting at 500 Twitter followers for 5 dollars.

According to Chris Taylor from Mashable.Com, Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers are only 8% humans.  Other professional analysts in the social media field with a high reputation level have said that approximately 10% of the followers of most politicians on social networks are virtually not real followers. These followers can be bought from any reputable and trusted social media reseller website and in some cases you can purchase targeted followers with a specific profile and/or un-targeted followers which are fictional users that are just there following you but they really don't contribute on anything.

 I believe that the most important thing about this has been learning about the interest that certain sectors of the population have had and consider sharing or spreading what they call “the truth behind politics”. And all it has provoked is that more interested young people want to meet their candidates and their proposals.

For this reason, this fifth element power known to all as social media is, without doubt, a double-edged weapon. On one hand, it can give us real live time information with the facts been developed instantly and it could also allows us to take our country's pulse at least for a minute. But on the other hand, it may give us also the perfect platform to share falsehoods and misuse of the real information.

Learn and analyze everything that arises. Take your own judgement and don't generalize.

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Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Use Twitter To Sell Your Products

Twitter may be considered one of the most powerful business and personal networking platforms ever created and even though many people use Twitter to sell their products for some reason it still remains a frustrating and strange world for others. Although it could seem incredible, there are still a great number of small businessmen who still don't know what is Twitter and how Twitter can help them sell their products online or offline. Although it is true that they have a lite notion of one of the aspects of social networking very limited to the new informative format, it is quite also true that there are still lots of shades on users that don't let Twitter prove its real effectiveness in their businesses.

An important part of new ideas, new businesses and new opportunities for synergies and alliances is lost after the resistance of the micro-entrepreneurs to ignore how to optimize twitter to sell products and services.

If you have already read the ebook Twitter Business: How to Gain Followers and Explode Sales before selling anything or The Tao Of Twitter you will have a better idea of what this article is gonna be about.

Clarifying concepts

To begin, it is essential to clarify the concepts. Anyone who doesn't know what Twitter is and has only heard of its virtues but haven't learned how to put them on practice should think for a moment if a means of communication of great demand offered free to advertise your business and reach millions of potential customers should be ignored. Twitter is the ideal platform to promote a small or a big business without added cost, as the main value added and with its informational nature in real time and completely tasteless your business can use it as a second economical fortress.  
Now that we know that the 140 characters with strange symbols that show the informative with the views of the viewers, are responsible for this paradigm shift in the advertising, it is time to address the way in which twitter can become a great ally of the sales figures.

Using Tweets…

Second step… Tweeting... It is recommended not to start tweeting until you have something interesting to Tweet (communicate with your network), it would be of a lot of interest if you start committing yourself; Promoting content of interest in your market will bring you lots of followers on Twitter. Obviously the promotion of content published in your corporate portal is essential to consolidate your brand as well as the explicit nature of your professional profile that should appear in the social and professional networks to have a greater impact such as the Google + plus ones network and the new Pinterest as well..
You must also know that the Twitter of today is not the same as a couple of years ago, the geo-location has been imposed and the word "targeted followers" has been added as a mandatory strategy for today's advertising. Therefore use a single direction and try to relate to users who are in your market or niche which will allow you to access to the people who are interested in what you have to offer… this is what is known as the "SEO of the Twitter" analysis, study of the competition, identification of specific niche and targeting.

Be aware that we are also witnessing a cycle in which the rise of the mobile devices of last generation and the endless routine and increasingly efficient applications developed ad-hoc, are those who set the trends specifically in the context of online sales, value added, the personal reputation, the branding of the brand and the number of committed supporters, make up the ideal breeding ground for achieving an increase in sales from Twitter.

Image, opinion, video and a constant profile endowed with value added, are some of the success keys to achieving that their sales will increase with each re-tweet, mention or message, via domino effect.
 While not many brands follow this practice, the truth is that lack of it not only restricts access to information of relevance to your business, but it also limits the possibility of achieving an increase in sales of your business using Twitter; establish a Feed-Back with your fans and followers, usually this kind of dialogue is more frequent in Facebook while it is true that you'll be surprised of the promotion of your brand if you set an area of opinion from Twitter.
 Aspects related to the experience of the quality of service, the quality of the product and the brand assessment, are big promoters of sales on Twitter.


Finally, Twitter it is not something that should be left in oblivion…the biggest micro-blog in the world is an inexhaustible source of information. Twitter is innovation, creativity, consistency, interaction, commitment and perseverance and it's  become so BIG that BIG and small companies have already started the practice of buying followers on Twitter to optimize even more their Google rankings and take advantage of the new social media SEO techniques like the website Social Media Combo offers. It is your responsibility to identify the endless range of new options that underlie the interaction of users on Twitter, much more viral and exponential. Getting the most out of the social network will allow you to obtain an optimal ROI of resources in terms of time and dedication that you will need to make your sales grow exponentially in Twitter and use Twitter to sell your products.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Mixing Twitter In Your Business.. How?

twitter-marketing-for-your-businessTwitter may have become to be one of the best modern marketing tool that an entrepreneur can use nowadays to market almost anything in any niche, but ironically Twitter is also one of the lesser-known technological tools in marketing. However, its potential as an instrument of direct marketing can be enormous if we exploit the most resources out of it.Chris Bogan, one of the U.S. online marketing gurus has published a guide on how companies of all sizes can improve their customer relationships and increase sales, thanks to Twitter, a loaded marketing tool for the future.Before explaining how to use Twitter in your company, it is worth clarifying some basic concepts. Twitter, in its "stupid" online application look that many describe as "nonsense" is being used by more and more companies to do business. Obviously, not all sectors lend themselves to use this microblogging tool as a marketing tool, which offers excellent results in the oriented world of communications, advertising, design and art. 

Getting Started 

The first thing to do is to open an account with this service, but you should have in mind the following aspects:
Check for the usernames that your competitors are already using and advertising, also do your homework and search terms or keywords by which a user could find your company or business. As in other online services is essential to have a good list of tags.Then choose the photo you will illustrate in your account. At this point, it is worth remembering that the image should be illustrative of what you represent as a company. Sometimes people use their corporate logo. Other times, it is more appropriate to perform a unique design just for Twitter, to be more attractive.Have lots of caution sending out 'Tweets' with no valuable information and don't become a spammer sending out sales tweets and personal interest tweets. People quickly get tired of users with such behavior so whenever you send out a 'Tweet' think on your followers interests, think in what they like and go through their tweets to know them better. Twitter is interacting with whom we read, we must think about who we read, what their interests are, what they care about, in short, be very clear about the profile of our potential readers / customers= Followers.In this sense, a Twitter account gives you a lot of freedom to discuss aspects of your industry, your competitors (always refer to them in Twitter in friendly terms), the market overview and other points of interest created. It is also an effective tool in managing claims and complaints. That is, if you perceive that a complaint is repeated with some insistence, your company can use this channel, either for an apology or to provide an effective solution.An important trend that many U.S.A companies are using and it really makes a lot of difference is to promote the work of their employees and congratulate them through this service. This makes the reader perceive that 'x' or 'y' company really cares about their employees and that they are not just numbers but real people. In this case the human factor is really enhanced.  

  What should we "tweet"? 

 When you first start using Twitter for the first time you will often ask yourself, "What I'm I doing now?". Answering this question may be very valid for personal accounts, but has little value in the business perspective. Instead, it is much more effective to respond to another question: "What is it that's capturing my attention now?"You can put in charge a person to be responsible for the Twitter account of your company, but I'd be more ideal if this task is shared among several trustful employees. That way you information will be much more dynamic, updated and varied. 

 Again, we stress the importance of human factors in this type of communication. In Twitter one should not only be able to inform but also to ask. Asking questions to your followers = (Leads) is an excellent way to see what their concerns are and how you can improve your customer service in your company, attracting this way even more organic followers on the way.Like a good "tweetizen", we also have the "duty" to follow other "tweetizens" back. At first it may be difficult to determine who should you follow but, as in everything else, just do a good predetermination job. 

Start following people who have interesting things to say about your company or business, follow those on topics that interest you as the head of your company, regardless of your sales or market share. In this sense, you can enrich yourself about what other people say, proving once again to your followers the great human being that there's behind your company.If you tweet about your products, do so but do it in a very constructive way. That is, provide information that is actually useful, not pure advertising. This is a very important aspect that you should take care of very carefully. Furthermore, it is much less useful if you promote your products in excess like a spammer. Remember that Twitter is a wide open communication channel, It's not a Sales Channel.

Notice to Twitter Users

  Twitter can be very stressful if you want to follow in "real time". So, here are some tips for working with this modern marketing tool without investing too much time:
  • You don't have to read all the messages published in the accounts you follow. 
  • No need to respond to all the tweets that you read.
  • Use Twitter tools like to find out what followers are talking about your business. 
  • Applications such as Tweetdeck and Twhirl allow the use of Twitter to be more simpler.
  • Do not use Twitter while all your co-workers are stressed out doing more important things. 
  • Learn to use tools that shorten the length of links, like TinyURL.
  • Discussing the tweets of other followers is a great way to build a community.
Some (few) downsides of using Twitter in business
  • Mastering and properly managing Twitter takes more time than you think, that's why lots of people purchase Twitter followers
  • Spending much time on this tool takes away time from other tasks that can be more productive. 
  • If you do not have a clear strategy on what you want: tweet / get, using Twitter is useless. 
  • Twitter does not replace your company's customer service, merely complements it. 
  • It is a tool that has bugs, and is not designed specifically for the business world. 
  • Our potential followers will be largely, geeks or people who are really excited on new technologies. 
  • With Twitter you can open your company to be an easier target of direct criticism and complaints.
Really positive aspects of Twitter
  • It is a very useful tool for customer loyalty. 
  • You will almost instantly know the generalized state & opinion about your company / products.  
  • You can direct the attention of your followers towards the strength of your company. 
  • It is a very effective tool in resolving complaints, claims and incidents. 
  • It's a great direct marketing tool, if used with knowledge. 
  • The information you provide on this channel always comes faster than using other means. 
  • Great tool to learn what other people are doing & saying so you as a company can improve.

    Empower and develop your business online presence mixing Twitter in your business. 

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