Thursday, May 17, 2012

How To Use Twitter To Sell Your Products

Twitter may be considered one of the most powerful business and personal networking platforms ever created and even though many people use Twitter to sell their products for some reason it still remains a frustrating and strange world for others. Although it could seem incredible, there are still a great number of small businessmen who still don't know what is Twitter and how Twitter can help them sell their products online or offline. Although it is true that they have a lite notion of one of the aspects of social networking very limited to the new informative format, it is quite also true that there are still lots of shades on users that don't let Twitter prove its real effectiveness in their businesses.

An important part of new ideas, new businesses and new opportunities for synergies and alliances is lost after the resistance of the micro-entrepreneurs to ignore how to optimize twitter to sell products and services.

If you have already read the ebook Twitter Business: How to Gain Followers and Explode Sales before selling anything or The Tao Of Twitter you will have a better idea of what this article is gonna be about.

Clarifying concepts

To begin, it is essential to clarify the concepts. Anyone who doesn't know what Twitter is and has only heard of its virtues but haven't learned how to put them on practice should think for a moment if a means of communication of great demand offered free to advertise your business and reach millions of potential customers should be ignored. Twitter is the ideal platform to promote a small or a big business without added cost, as the main value added and with its informational nature in real time and completely tasteless your business can use it as a second economical fortress.  
Now that we know that the 140 characters with strange symbols that show the informative with the views of the viewers, are responsible for this paradigm shift in the advertising, it is time to address the way in which twitter can become a great ally of the sales figures.

Using Tweets…

Second step… Tweeting... It is recommended not to start tweeting until you have something interesting to Tweet (communicate with your network), it would be of a lot of interest if you start committing yourself; Promoting content of interest in your market will bring you lots of followers on Twitter. Obviously the promotion of content published in your corporate portal is essential to consolidate your brand as well as the explicit nature of your professional profile that should appear in the social and professional networks to have a greater impact such as the Google + plus ones network and the new Pinterest as well..
You must also know that the Twitter of today is not the same as a couple of years ago, the geo-location has been imposed and the word "targeted followers" has been added as a mandatory strategy for today's advertising. Therefore use a single direction and try to relate to users who are in your market or niche which will allow you to access to the people who are interested in what you have to offer… this is what is known as the "SEO of the Twitter" analysis, study of the competition, identification of specific niche and targeting.

Be aware that we are also witnessing a cycle in which the rise of the mobile devices of last generation and the endless routine and increasingly efficient applications developed ad-hoc, are those who set the trends specifically in the context of online sales, value added, the personal reputation, the branding of the brand and the number of committed supporters, make up the ideal breeding ground for achieving an increase in sales from Twitter.

Image, opinion, video and a constant profile endowed with value added, are some of the success keys to achieving that their sales will increase with each re-tweet, mention or message, via domino effect.
 While not many brands follow this practice, the truth is that lack of it not only restricts access to information of relevance to your business, but it also limits the possibility of achieving an increase in sales of your business using Twitter; establish a Feed-Back with your fans and followers, usually this kind of dialogue is more frequent in Facebook while it is true that you'll be surprised of the promotion of your brand if you set an area of opinion from Twitter.
 Aspects related to the experience of the quality of service, the quality of the product and the brand assessment, are big promoters of sales on Twitter.


Finally, Twitter it is not something that should be left in oblivion…the biggest micro-blog in the world is an inexhaustible source of information. Twitter is innovation, creativity, consistency, interaction, commitment and perseverance and it's  become so BIG that BIG and small companies have already started the practice of buying followers on Twitter to optimize even more their Google rankings and take advantage of the new social media SEO techniques like the website Social Media Combo offers. It is your responsibility to identify the endless range of new options that underlie the interaction of users on Twitter, much more viral and exponential. Getting the most out of the social network will allow you to obtain an optimal ROI of resources in terms of time and dedication that you will need to make your sales grow exponentially in Twitter and use Twitter to sell your products.

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