Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Use Instagram For Business!

Thinking to use Instagram for business affairs?

More than 40% of the world's leading companies have decided to create an Instagram account; It's easy to know why: A Community Manager should be in those network places where the people are and the photo app owned by Facebook with vintage effects has already more than 100 million registered users. So why not use Instagram for business?

If you want to know how to use Instagram for your brand following these easy tips should get you on track:

Always use the same username:

One of the main rules on branding: try to stick with your same username in all social networks. Why?, to start off Instagram offers the possibility to integrate your activity in other networks, such as, for example, Twitter or Facebook. The second reason is that users tend to label or make reference to your company by the name they already know.



If your business doesn't yet have a large number of Instagram followers, start making use of hashtags related to your business: get moving.


Find Followers:

 No one has the magic formula to go viral on Instagram nor any other social media network, but according to Neil Patel on his blog if you're new to Instagram your best bet is to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account since 20% of Facebook users already use the platform.
When you connect your two accounts to each other, your Facebook friends will notice it and start following you on Instagram as well. Based on the data from my own account, 3% of your Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram. If you happen to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram, that number can increase to just under 5%.


Share all those unique moments: 

 The reality is that no user really cares if last night your whole company squad ate chocolate muffins; however, a lot of users will be happy seeing a feast about a company celebrating their 5,000 sale number, an image with useful tips or some funny moment.

Instagram is all about sharing unique moments, those users that upload pictures every five minutes just get boring and, if it is a brand or a company even more.

Use Instagram filters. One of the main features of Instagram are filters. Using them will make your photos much more attractive and will get you followed. Filters are also great in personalization, so you photos will look exceptional and make users come back for more. Edit your photos a lot - it seems like a trend out there. - See more at:

Make use of the Filters:

 Using the special photo filters that Instagram provides will surely make your images much more attractive making you gain more followers. Filters are also great way to personalize your brand's photos.

Getting followers for your Instagram business account can be a very challenging task, since you're going to need a lot of spare time and dedicate attention to your campaigns. If you're planning to use Instagram for business being polite is a must, since these followers are your prospective clients, and your company’s image will have a direct influence on sales.

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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Why Do Webmasters Rush To Buy Facebook Likes?

The importance of a Facebook like..

The vast majority of the brands are using social networks to establish a new type of bond with their consumers and almost any business has a presence on Facebook so that their customers become fans of their products. Its well known that anyone nowadays can buy Facebook likes but for the expert in social media, Susan Soltrelli, receive a "like" in this platform is just the beginning of the work of engagement.

"Think of Facebook as the main home page of the social web, as of today, this platform is the size of the entire internet in 2004. Whether we like it or not, is four times more valuable to have friends in this network that on Twitter, because Facebook gives more opportunities to interact with your friends or fans," said the social media specialist during his latest participation in the San Francisco Wordpress Bootcamp held on July 26.

buy facebook likes
 For the expert, the companies that are using Mark Zuckerberg's platform are using it to enhance and personalize the user experience with their products. However, warns that the success of a social networking strategy cannot be measured by the number of followers, fans or contacts one can have, but the relationship that is generated with them, i.e. as how they commit to participate with your business or company beyond a simple "Like" on your Facebook business fanpage.

 Soltrelli also said that one of the biggest problems in social media nowadays is that the brands and the users interpret these "Likes" in very different ways, and "to ignore how your costumers think and only look at the raw numbers is a fatal error because then one begins to think differently about one's real impact online".

 Is buying Facebook likes worth it?

The practice of purchasing Facebook likes is a fast and easy way of getting more likes quickly, and also a great strategy to boost your social media credibility. While there are some great and reliable companies out there that can help you grow your Facebook business fanpage with more likes, there are also a lot of Scams that you need to avoid. 

Over the last months we’ve tried dozens of Facebook Like suppliers (and spent a lot of real money in the process). Below, you’ll be able to find a list of our 4 top suppliers we’ve compiled based on our experience with them overtime optimizing our clients social media accounts for better SEO. 
  • Social Media Combo 
    ✔ Up to 20k Facebook Likes
      ✔ Money-Back Guarantee
      ✔ Most likes were from USA
      ✔ Great Customer Support
      ✔ Replacement Guarantee
  • Social Fan Center
    ✔ Up to 20k Facebook Likes
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      ✔ Excellent Customer Support
      ✔ Saw Results in 24 Hours
  • ✔ Up to 20k Facebook Likes
      ✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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      ✔ EXTRA FREE Likes with every order
      ✔ Saw Results in 48 Hours
  • Cheap Social Media Marketing
  •   ✔ 100% Money-Back Guarantee
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      ✔ EXTRA FREE Likes with every order
      ✔ Saw Results in 48 Hours

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    Wednesday, June 5, 2013

    How Much Would You Pay For Followers And Likes In Social Media?

    Would you pay for followers and likes? 

    If you didn't know that nowadays is possible to buy followers and likes in social media you better get out of your bunker and keep up with the real world. In today's world if you have few followers in social networks there's no need to worry, you can pay for followers and likes, but the price varies depending on what platform you want to improve your internet marketing on.

     Having many 'followers' in social networks is synonymous of prestige, something that even many users live of. The companies aren't staying behind. Many companies are becoming increasingly aware of their essential presence in social media and the need to reach a greater number of people. Hence, currently, more and more web pages ensure users 'more followers and likes' for a certain price, a business that according to, has become a multi-million dollar business.

    Buying Facebook likes cheap or boosting your Twitter account hassle free is real easy. All you have to do is type "buy Facebook likes cheap" or "buy social likes" in Google to access all kinds of web pages in which you can buy Twitter followers for $5 dollars and 'inflate' the account you want making a simple and quick payment with PayPal or a common credit card. Prices range from $18 to $25 dollars for 1000 followers on Twitter, $35/2000, $80/5000 and even $160 for 10000 followers on most of the social media likes and followers suppliers, however. In some of these websites one can find even larger packages if you contact their support staff.

    However, the prices on Facebook likes appear be more expensive: about $20 per 250 likes on any fanpage or website page, $90 per 2000. The complete opposite in Pinterest. In this social network prices range from $25 per each 100 followers up to the $350 for 5000.

    YouTube also counts with web pages that work on increasing the number of views on any video. You only need click on the 'Order' button; once the payment is approved, the user fills out a form with the link of video. Prices range from $20 per 5000 reproductions, $60 for 30000 and so on.

    Instagram doesn't escape either. The social network that was purchased by Mark Zuckerberg last April of 2012 has also joined the new trend and people are already buying Instagram followers.
    Isntagram was founded by Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom and the platform has made furor in the last 2 years among users of Android and iOS, and that's been reflected in the pages dedicated to sell 'followers'. Now, along with other social networks Instagram prices appear at of $25 for every 100 followers, $100 per 1000 followers, or $350 per 5000. Not active? Don't worry, nothing will happen. The important thing is to swell the list just like your competitor did.
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    Well known Webpages where one can pay for followers and likes... 

    Sunday, June 2, 2013

    Mobile Website Design

    The new mobile website design trend.. Is your site mobile friendly?

    Smartphones are becoming more commonly used by people everywhere you go. Many are currently using them to check out all sort of websites for different purposes ranging from reading the news to making purchases, etc. Many businesses are also starting to use mobiles as a primary method of communication with customers. For all of those reasons and to ensure that you are keeping up with your competitors, it is important that websites owners have a mobile website design so that it is easier to access through a smartphone.

    Website Mobile Design.Net offers the custom mobile design you want for your website. Regardless of the service you offer, their team will be able to give you the best custom made mobile website to make your website easier to use via mobile and attract more visitors instead of losing potential clients.
    mobile website design
     They offer four different packages that you can choose from, depending on your website’s size, how often it is used and the services you want supported on your mobile website design. Ranging from $97 for a basic landing page design to $397 for a seven page mobile site, you can choose the service that works best for your website.

    If you are still hesitant, they also offer a free mockup for your website so you can decide whether or not you want to use their services to get a mobile phone’s website design. Simply fill out the contact form from the website and they will get back to you with the design. Their team also offer a call back service to address your concerns and questions. All one needs to do is enter a phone number and they will make sure to call back to discuss how to best meet your expectations.

    There are great benefits for having a mobile website design. You do not want to fall behind your competitors in terms of advertising. It is important to stay updated on all types of advertising to have the best impacts in this very competitive world. If your website doesn’t have a mobile design then customers looking for a product on your site will have a much more difficulty finding what they want. The website might not even load properly and they will be easily frustrated. They are very likely to leave your website and go to a competitor’s and you will be then losing customers. 

    Why taking such a chance, get your custom mobile web design now! 

    This is a GUEST POST written by Susan Soltrelli..

    Thursday, May 2, 2013

    Ways To Use And Integrate Google+1 Button Into Your Website

    Ways to use the Google+1 button and the importance of this social media network!

    The response of the giant of the search engines (Google) at the leader in the field of social media networks, Facebook, has already been present among us in all its splendor since 2011 but it wasn't until January of 2013 that it became the second largest social networking site in the world, having surpassed Twitter. Google has enabled the option for anybody to share content using the Plusone button since its creation and already exists in the market several applications and methods for the inclusion of the G+ button in our project with simplicity. In this post we will look at the more interesting and useful ways you can use and integrate the Google+1 button into your website or blog.

     In the following paragraphs we will have available the information needed to incorporate the Google+ 1 button on our project or web site from the hand of the best applications and plug-ins currently on the market.

     Google+ 1 for WordPress

    For all users who have their blogs or websites on the WordPress platform, there is an easy and very quick way to incorporate the Google+ button without having to edit the template, which always means a heavy workload and a more complex task. Especially if we are not advanced users or don't know anything about html.

    Ways To Use And Integrate Google+1 Button
    The solution in question is called the Google+1 Plugin, which will be responsible for everything you need. Among its features we can count on the possibility of selecting the location of the button on the page, one can choose which pages or entries will display, in addition to being able to use the so-called 'shortcodes'. In our blog (Social Media Combo) for example, we are using WP Socializer which is an advanced plugin for inserting all kinds of Social bookmarking & sharing buttons. It has super cool features to insert the buttons into posts, sidebar. It also has Floating sharebar and Smart load feature where it includes the Google plusone button as well.

     Google Plusone for Chrome

    At this point, and to be able to be able to recommend any site that interests us in our browser Chrome, we can use a small extension called +1 Plus One Extension, which also includes the ability so one can vote through the button, as well as the counter of  +1's received.

    You can easily Download the +1 extension for Chrome here... Download G+ Extension

    Google +1 for other browsers

    In the case that we use any other browser instead of Chrome, for which we mentioned above an application specifically designed for Chrome, we have available an alternative more than valid. Use bookmarks.

    This method allows us to easily add bookmarks, or favorites into your favorite browser.

     The easy way to Google +1

    In the case that our project is not too complex nor with lots of content, the following procedure will suffice.

    The only thing we will need is a bit of simple knowledge in HTML, as to be able to edit the code and embed it on our web pages.

    Therefore, you should head up to the following web location: Google+1 For Webmasters

    easy ways to integrate google+1 Once there one can be able to select the required options that best fit our lifestyle and page preferences.

    In this location we will also have available some parameters that will allow us to configure some of the options of our G+ button. Some of them are the style that will have the button, the language, the ability to include a counter in the same and, or the time in which the Javascript code should run.

    As we know, the idea of Google in this respect is that all the searches that we make using Google's search engine include recommendations and results made by our friends, and contacts in a similar manner to Facebook or Twitter.
    Once you have completed all these steps, the only thing that remains is to paste the code into your web page.

    Above we have included some easy ways to use and integrate Google+ button into your website.

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    Sunday, March 31, 2013

    What Is SMO? Social Media Optimization

    SMO or Social Media Optimization Is like SEO To Search Engine Optimization!

     Social Media Optimization or SMO' 'is a new term that has been gaining life of its own. It is similar to the SEO. The SMO tactics can generate large amounts of visits to a website and you can also determine if a new company, website, or an idea is viable or not. SMO is all about using your social media channels to drive direct traffic to a website or a blog because after all search engines are not the only way to get more web traffic. While it is not a substitute to SEO, we all have to admit that social media optimization has the potential to someday achieve and even exceed in importance. We must therefore be prepared.

    social media optimization services

    Social Media

    'Social media' is a buzzword. But, what does it really mean? According to the definition of Wikipedia, Social Media refers to the means of interactions among people in which they "create, share, and exchange information and ideas in virtual communities and networks."

    Social media can take many different forms, including texts, images, audio and video. Social media includes blogs, forums, podcasts, wikis, and vlogs. In addition, the means of social communication can be considered any medium that can help build a community. The dissemination of messages through blog posting also fits. Social Media Optimization does not have to be something difficult, it is doing something easy and simple like staying in touch with friends, clients and contacts through your social media channels.

     The Basis Of SMO

    Unlike SEO where most people do the impossible to stay on top of the SERPS, we must not force our SMO efforts. Social media is not a search engine, it's all about real people so when optimizing your social media try to avoid spamming at all costs. This is not about taking your marketing message to someone else but instead making others to do this for you.

    Gone are the days when one had to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars for a small billboard around the corner. Social Media is FREE and is a completely different approach. There are hundreds of apps and hundreds of tools that we can use to measure our web analytics, we can also track the traffic that is generated using our different social media channels and even measure the ROI we get from our social media campaigns. Social Media optimization (SMO) enables anyone or any business to position their brand in the correct customer environment.

    Begin to optimize your business social media accounts today. offers great SMO for all your business needs. Social media optimization is a new way that you need to start to work on today!

    Some of the websites dedicated to offer social media optimization services where we have had positive results are:

    This is a Guest Post:
    Author: Susan Soltrelly

    Saturday, March 16, 2013

    7 Easy Ways To Get More Facebook Likes For Your Business Fanpage

    Easy ways to get more Facebook Likes

    In 2011 Quantcast estimated that Facebook had approximately 138.9 million monthly unique U.S. visitors only, and as of September 2012, Facebook already had over one billion active users worldwide. In this post we will write about some easy ways to get more Facebook likes for your business fanpage.

     We've already written about ways of getting more likes to your Facebook page and the importance of Facebook likes and how you can make a product more consumer friendly, however, the fact that a consumer has declared fan of your brand on Facebook does not necessarily mean that he or she will buy  everything you offer, according to the author of "Facebook Marketing All-In -One for Dummies", Amy Porterfield, brands need to produce "Super Fans".

    According to what the social media expert said in Mashable, this type of "Super Fans" are those who buy almost everything you offer them, they are also able to withstand the criticism of your brand and will be the first ones to defend your business or company during a public relations crisis.
    easy ways to get more facebook likes

     Simple and effective ways to get more fans on Facebook:
     Though I may not be a Facebook rock star with a million likes on our Facebook page, I’m having some success with my social media page, at least in terms of interaction and bringing traffic to my site. Here’s what seems to be working for me:
    1. Make your page 75% visual: Do you have a Youtube channel? If not, get one asap. Share your Youtube videos to your Facebook page and if you have images, share them as well. It's a well known fact that humans are attracted to the visual and will stay longer if you provide them something worthy to look at. But again, post the appropriate ones. This is business, baby! 
    2. Involve bloggers: Each campaign of Social Media Marketing should include relevant bloggers linked to your niche. Find top notch people in your niche, and maintain contact with them to establish a relationship, this strategy may bring wells of advantages for your brand. After you find some active bloggers, don't miss out on the track and encourage them to get involved in your community. 
    3. Reward your Superfans:  You can give free coupons, free subscription to your e-book or newsletters to those loyal fans who’ve encouraged their friends to "Like your Fan Page" and become your fan. You can also reward them as “Fan of the Week”
    4. Optimize your presence for mobile: Did you know close to 70% of people visit Facebook on mobile devices? And recently Facebook made it easier to Like a page directly from mobile device. So, to attract your growing mobile fan base, think about frequent, lightweight posts designed to engage and encourage connection. This includes quick polls, yes/no questions, and colorful, easy to view images.
    5.  Join relevant groups & participate: When you do a search on Facebook, the search will come back with all relevant pages, apps, groups, people and places. Finding out what groups (both public and private) that exist in your niche is important because you want to join as many as                 possible. If the group is private, send a message to the administrator to nicely introduce yourself and ask about the possibility of joining the group. Once you've joined one or more groups in your niche, be sure to take the time to participate. Now that you can directly connect with your audience, it is time to do it! This does NOT mean that you jump into the conversation with a sales pitch. Nor, should you ask them to join your list. Instead, make your goal to be to be helpful and start relationships. Gain their trust, first. Remember, you must be a follower before you can be a leader. 
    6. Push all social channels back to Facebook: Everything you do online through social media should always be cross platform and I would always try and push as many people to Facebook as possible from either Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or other social profiles that you have. I wouldn’t just be asking them to like your page either but instead provide compelling content (video, photos etc) that is only available on Facebook for example. "Bottom Line" Give people a reason to cross over to Facebook and like you.
    7. Know your Fans: Keep the conversation and happenings inviting to your fan demographic. Make it fun for and interesting for them and not necessarily interesting to you. Keep them around or lose them forever. More fan clicks drive more inbound links, which drive search engine optimization.
    Use what works best for you and your brand. Know your brand, understand the demographic and get creative.

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     I know there are many more easy ways to get more Facebook likes for your business Fanpage and many other ways to engage folks on your page- contests, surveys, offering a  “like” for a latte contest. What else?  Share yours and hey! “Like Us” on Facebook!  And while you’re there, roam around a little.  It’s not all about the ‘like’.

    Wednesday, February 13, 2013

    How To Get 1000 Facebook Likes For Your FacebookPage

     Now what? How do I get 1000 Facebook likes?

    One of the main challenges faced by small businesses that want to have a presence in Facebook is the famous "and now what?". The famous, "And now what?" is kind of an immediate self question that almost everyone who has created a Facebook page comes up with, immediately after creating a business Facebook page (unless you've had a budget to contract a specialized social media agency).

    1000 facebook likes  As an a main administrator on your page we very much guess that you literally followed all the steps to get your business page online and all of sudden you have all these doubts: What can i do?, What should I say?, How do I get 1000 Facebook likes for my page? Even well experienced internet marketers have trouble sometimes.

    It is known that the beginnings of gathering "likes" are hard, so with a totally practical approach and based on our experience, we will offer you a small and easy to understand guide with steps that will help you get a critical mass of likes on Facebook, let's say were going to get 1000 Facebook likes to round up the numbers.

    1- Create a quality image:

    Before sharing your new business Facebook fan page with your contacts make sure you have good cover photo and a profile picture. And Yes, keep your images consistent with your corporate or products images. Either if its a logo or an image that represents your products or services, it is very important that images have a good resolution and are adapted to sizes predetermined by Facebook : the cover photo is of 851 × 315 pixels and the profile: 160 × 160 pixels. Images blurry or colors that don't match can give a bad image of your page.

    2- Share it with family and friends:

    For the first round of "likes" our recommendation is to go to your closest circle which is your family and friends. By the time you have put together a Facebook business page, your friends and family had already been aware of all the hard work you put into your real business and they undoubtedly like it. Send them e-mails with a link to the page or directly invite them using the "invite friends" button  located in the administrative panel of your page.

    3- Give personality to your page:

    The first impression of your Facebook business page is your logo and personal image. Give personality to your page with a profile image that gives a personal touch to your page. For example, if you're a hotel, share images and recipes of the chef, beauty tips from the spa maids, etc. Don't limit yourself to share news, videos or photographs that you've seen on other websites/blogs. The easiest way to personalize your page is creating your own content.

     4- Link your Facebook page with other promotional materials:

    Don't forget to link to your Facebook fan page from your website and from the newsletter that you send to your customers. You can also incorporate the link of your FB fan page in the signature of all your e-mails. If you have business cards, brochures, posters, etc. put the link to your Facebook page there as well. An effective alternative is to create a QR code that scanned takes the person directly to your page. QR codes are ideal for packaging if you sell a physical product or "Menu" if your business is a restaurant.

    5- Connect with your fans and get new fans with special promotions:

    Once your family members, friends, contacts and customers already "liked" your page the process of acquisition of new likes & fans becomes slower. To keep a steady rising of your "likes" and accelerate the growth of your FB business fan page we recommend a strategy that's as old as 'commerce' itself, i.e., Offer 'FREE' trials, give out coupon codes, Free stuff to download, use promotional campaigns to speak about your business, etc...  This way you're offering a direct incentive to people making easier for everyone to like and become a fan of your page.

    6 Use Facebook Ads:

    You don't have to count with a multinational company budget to promote your business with Facebook ads. With only spending $5 to $10 dollars a day one can can get good results since you only pay for the clicks you receive on your ad. The biggest benefit of Facebook ads is the segmentation that offers by location, age, gender and interests.

    The next step would be to take care of your existing fans and continue to grow your business Facebook page. Our recommendation in this case is that if you don't have the necessary time to dedicate to your FB fan page delegate or outsource its management to a professional social media services company. These professional services will help you get 1000 Facebook likes quick and safe in a totally new level.

    Should you know about any other easy and practical ways to get 1000 Facebook likes quick please go ahead and share it with us in the comments.. (No Spamming)

    & Follow us on Twitter @socialmedia04

    Thursday, January 17, 2013

    Facebook Revealed Its Mystery And Presented "Graph Search" A New Search Engine

    Ever since we read about a new search engine by Facebook back on September, and which their engineers had been working on we were quite intrigued. It wasn't until early this week that Facebook revealed its mystery and presented "Graph Search" a new search engine.

    But what exactly is Facebook Graph Search? 
    Facebook's new 'Graph Search is a search engine which works in the 'exploration of new connections'. For example, one can be able to contact an unknown person taking only as a reference a mutual friend or a party picture.

    It relies heavily on “Likes” and other connections to determine what to show as the most relevant search results for each user. It also offers what you might think of as search filters — the ability to search based on the vast user data that Facebook has in its system (or “graph,” as they like to say).
    Graph Search and web search are very different. Web search is designed to take a set of keywords (for example: “hip hop”) and provide the best possible results that match those keywords. With Graph Search you combine phrases (for example: “my friends in New York who like Jay-Z”) to get that set of people, places, photos or other content that’s been shared on Facebook. We believe they have very different uses.
    For now, Facebook Graph Search will only include people, photos, places and interests — posts and other interests (like song listens) are in the works.

     Search results will be personalized, although Facebook says that more generic queries should produce fairly common results for most people. And Facebook has stressed that search results won’t reveal anything that was previously kept private; you’ll only be able to search for content that’s been shared with you.
    Facebook Graph Search will be more valuable to active Facebook users — those who’ve actively Liked businesses and pages, artists and movies, and so forth.
    As you can see, it's a cool way to search Facebook that takes advantage of the fact that Facebook is a big structured database. And if you're looking for pictures that people have uploaded to Facebook (and made public), or friends who went to a particular school or live in a particular place, or potential mates, it seems quite useful.

    The service is in beta now, with only a few hundred people gaining access Tuesday. Facebook will be using results from those initial users to help tweak the service, before it pushes it out to the whole of the Facebook community.

    Watch the video above and tell us what sorts of searches would you like to be able to do on Facebook? Let us know in the comments.

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