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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Modern New Robots Invade Twitter

  Two weeks ago one of my colleagues asked me for a little bit of help in his social media campaigns and he was interested in getting more Twitter followers on a few accounts with 'no robots'. In an hour or so we had already setup 20 Twitter accounts and we noticed that from the time that passes from opening a new account on Twitter and start opening up a new one you get three or four women from the nightlife following you in less than one minute. This phenomenon has become popular for several months and can easily cause a negative welcoming effect somewhat surprising to any new user on Twitter.Now don't take us wrong and think that there are prostitutes on Twitter sitting down in front of a laptop waiting on Twitter for every new account that gets opened up, as a matter of fact this practice responds to a new form of spam that a couple of spammers have adapted to the 6 year old 140 character micro-blog network better known to you all. Twitter spam is shaped like a robot At first these spammy messages were put using popular hashtags or on trending topics to give them more visibility, but the techniques have become more sophisticated. There are robots that identify these new accounts that immediately become your followers as a system of promotion, but be aware because there are all kinds of robots on Twitter.The new iPad, the best hook There are robots that identify keywords in some Twitter posts to automatically deliver services or just unwanted advertising. One of the most monitored words has been the new iPad. It's very often that you will receive a tweet or a simple mention right after you write or mention the word or brand iPad in a tweet.But among all the techniques, the most common are those programs that automatically help you become follower of different users in a massive way. You got to remember that many Twitter users automatically follow everyone who follows them, and is ironically and thanks to this premise that these robots on Twitter  are able to increase the number of followers very quickly.The 'follow' to 'be followed' is a very popular practice, many companies and individuals used to do it manually, but the popularity of pages and companies like AddTwitter-Followers.Com have facilitated this task of adding Twitter followers to your account which by the way needs a lot of dedication and it could be time consuming. Follow and be Followed

Having a huge list on your "following" list and a very unbalanced one on the number of targeted accounts in the list of "followers" can bee seen as a suspicious activity in Twitter. So, if you use the technique to follow to be followed you will notice that you might have to follow 1000 accounts per day to get 50 or so following you back which by the way most of the people will stop following you in a few days because after all they wanted to build a huge list of followers and not a big one of following like you.Hence, the robots who do this work in an automated manner are achieving great popularity for this task much easier and Tweetadder can be added to this category.Those who use these new programs say they are really useful and effective, and can help increase your account number at several hundred followers in a few weeks.
Let us know your personal experience with Twitter and any tools that you have perhaps used and have had good results..