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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Top 3 Reasons Businesses Should Get Involved In Social Media

Here's 3 reasons businesses should get involved in social media..

Every second, at least one individual signs up with a social media network. These platforms now serve as places in the Web where people and organizations can share information, converse, and connect with key players within the niche. The growing user-base of social media platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram has given businesses enough reasons to join the bandwagon. Presently, social media is reportedly the most common activity that people engage in online.

Social media carries a lot of weight and it is not about to go away, like a fad or a phase. Social media is here to stay. Businesses and professionals must therefore put in enough time and strategy to their social media accounts, especially the ones that have the most number of active users. Here are three reasons why business owners must start to be more serious about working on their social media presence.

Social Media is here to stay.. Understand and Use it or FALL behind..

Reason #1: Majority of marketers are already in social media

Perhaps one of the most important reasons why business owners must not take too long to decide when they ought to delve into social media is the fact that 93% of marketers are already there including their competitors. Social media is already an important component of the overall marketing strategy of others in the niche. There are risks tied to joining social media networks, but there are awesome benefits as well. The fact is the businesses that have made the leap are finding new reasons everyday to expand their social networks even more.

Nevertheless, it must be stressed that success in social media is dependent on a lot of factors. For instance, the most appropriate and cost-efficient social media marketing tool must be chosen and then implemented. The right kind of people must be behind the social media campaigns, and they must conceptualize, launch, and monitor activities that will propel the business into prominence. Many benefits await a business with a sound online marketing strategy.

Reason #2: Social media allows businesses owners to build and manage their reputation

Let us first discuss the role of social media in developing trust in a company name or brand. These days, because of the huge array of options to choose from, customers often narrow it down by sorting through products from brand names known for consistently producing high quality merchandise. They can do this easily with the numerous online tools available. For example, when faced with new names and brands, modern customers usually take to their mobile devices, search the Web and check out the social media accounts tied to the brand. The process is required for the purpose of authenticating the brand and determining whether the company name can be trusted or not. A business without social network accounts is automatically excluded in this process.

However, with a well-maintained social media presence, businesses of any size can provide the buying public with what they need to know. As more information is shared, the reputation of a business can be established with the help of relevant content. In addition, consumers can be in direct contact with the people who turn the gears and make everything work. They can give their feedback and they can make recommendations. The public can also make inquiries. Meanwhile, there is another advantage of getting involved in social media. Businesses can respond to questions, deal with negative comments and complaints, and diffuse issues that can seriously damage the reputation of the company or brand. In recent years, social media platforms have served thousands of businesses in this way.

Reason #3: It is free

The social media revolution is upon as all, and one can only imagine what the next generation of social media technology is capable of in the future. Whether we use it for personal, professional, or commercial purposes, we are given the opportunity to share information with millions of people worldwide. The best part is this: We can have an online presence in the three biggest social networks in the world, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook without spending a dime. Although there are features of social media networks, which can only be availed with cash payment, the free versions are often adequate in increasing traffic and sales. Reports also indicate that lead generation via social media may be achieved by devoting six hours a week updating posts and interacting with other account holders.

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Sunday, August 10, 2014

4 Useful Tips to Market Your Business Using Instagram

How to market your business using Instagram

 Instagram is a photo-sharing application that has taken the world by storm. Instagram started out as a social media tool that enables people to share snapshots of their daily lives with each other. In just a few years, this image sharing social media network has evolved to become a platform that businesses are using to improve brand awareness and engage customers. Marketing your business using Instagram is an effective way of gaining traction and driving interest to your product or services.

Many entrepreneurs enjoy prosperity today mostly due to successful Instagram branding. If you want to join the club, here are four tips that you can employ to market your business using Instagram so that you can make the most of online marketing and brand awareness. 

Tip #1: Post eye-catching and relevant images and videos

Social media users only share what piques their interest. They will not bother to discuss something they have seen online with their friends if they think it is not worth a second look. Since the Internet is a visual medium, your Instagram posts will only get the target following that you aspire for if you post stuff that people would want to talk about. Sharing things that matter to them will get them engaged and talking to their friends about your brand.

Instagram does not work in the same way as Facebook and Twitter. The videos that you can post on Instagram only last a maximum of 15 seconds. The only other alternatives are photos and diagrams. Because of the limitation, figuring out the content of your post should become the primary concern. This is a process of trial and error. There are no absolute dos and don’ts for Insta-success when it comes to content. Experimentation is the way to go. At the start, some posts will get less likes than other posts. You can learn from this and analyze the possible reasons behind the outcomes. There are many possible factors, including image quality, caption, image tag, and even the time of day that you posted the material. If you are starting out and at a loss for what content to post, learn from brands that you like and interact with people. Soon enough you will know enough about what works and you can apply this knowledge in choosing content that propels your business to new heights.

Tip #2: Tell the truth

Talking about something that you know very well will get you more followers. Do not even try deceiving people by making them believe that you know enough about something when the truth is you do not. This will lead nowhere. People can tell if they are being lied to, and the most successful entrepreneurs in Instagram are those who are honest and real. Addressing issues head on will increase their admiration for your honesty and they will tell people about your products and services. Honesty is likeable and brands that don’t lie find favor amongst Instagrammers.

Tip #3: Be conscious about how you communicate

Instagram is a fast-paced platform. Entrepreneurs must be aware not only about how and when they communicate to their followers. However, they also have to be conscious about how fast they respond to those who indicate interest. A prompt reply could generate more questions and others who are tuned in will be encouraged to join the conversation. Customers do not like to be kept waiting and if they do not get a quick reply, they often bail out and do not come back. Responding to their needs when they are most interested is very good PR for your brand. Knowing how to communicate with customers effectively is you stepping up to their needs. They will notice it and spread the word about the excellent customer service that your business offers.

Tip #4: Don’t be hasty

Instagram allows you to post on the go, but there is no need for haste. Committing an error on Instagram could be very hard to recover from, and you can make a mistake if you don’t take it slow. Surely, you can be spontaneous but that does not mean that you should be hasty. If you are convinced of a great idea, ruminate on it for a while before posting. No matter how busy you are, you always have to take the time to look at your post from all angles before you present it for the whole world to see.
And remember that Instagram is one of the hottest, trendiest, most popular social media sites on the planet today. There are also services where any business can buy 10000 Instagram followers and small business owners make the majority of their clientele. These are your competition. They are already interacting with potential customers while you are still posting photos on a regular basis hoping to gain an audience.