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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Twitter In The Bathroom

Because Social Media Has Never Been So Disposable

Just when you think you've seen it all there's always something new. Now you can have a printed bathroom roll of paper with your Twitter feed history printed on it.

- For those Twitter addicts that need to be connected at all times, the company in charge of this will offer a new service called  "Shitter" and what they do is that they print all your Twitter tweets and feed and print them on toilet paper, this way you can go through all your Tweets in the bathroom.

  With this option people will be able to take their messages on a printed roll including your history, contacts favorites, plus any lists created in the micro-blogging, outlined the company's website.

It's funny how their slogan that accompanies the product is "Social Media has never been so disposable." The service charge will be $35 USD for a pack of four rolls, which can be purchased via the Internet through their website

It's not the first time a company does something with toilet paper, but they are the first to consider the social network Twitter to go to the bathroom.
For those of you that thought that buying followers on Twitter at wholesale prices was a social media crazy idea what do you think of the "shitter" toilet paper and having Twitter in the bathroom?