Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Can You Buy Twitter Followers?

 The fact that the little blue 'Twitter bird' has become a gigantic phenomenon in internet for almost the past 4 or 5 years has made people from all over the world and 5 star Fortune companies look at it as if it was the best marketing tool of our times.

Buy Real Twitter Followers at Wholesale Prices

Just recently it was brought to my attention that one of my co-workers had managed to grow his Twitter account from 200 and something followers to almost 10,000 thousand real profile and daily active followers and his account is still growing at a rate of almost 200 a day by simply buying them at a wholesale twitter follower supplier, with some surprise I remember myself just recently reading a recent article barely weeks ago about a similar service that allowed you to buy real Twitter followers at wholesale prices too.

It seems that "buying Twitter followers" and "Facebook fans" has become the most recent social media fashion web marketers and businesses have adopted to build credibility among their customers and users but the true official website that I read about only dedicates to sell Twitter followers.

 The website of which I refer that only sells and you can buy real Twitter followers at wholesale prices is called AddTwitter-Followers.Com with a slash between Twitter and Followers and what I like about this special twitter follower delivery service is that it allows you to buy Twitter followers at the rate of U.S. $1 per 100+ followers and their all 100% profiled and daily users. I did my research and that's a pretty good deal.

Their minimum purchase is a great bargain because you can get between 1000 & 1500+ plus followers for only $9.99 and best of all this site does not require you to leave your Twitter password like other similar sites do... I know it because I have used their service twice in two weeks and I've seen very positive results and among all I can also high-line the fact that 85% of the users this website delivers are U.S based users so that's something real worth to share.

So if you want a quick way to gain real profile, daily users and U.S based followers I'd recommend you to visit this people now..

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