Sunday, November 3, 2013

How To Use Instagram For Business!

Thinking to use Instagram for business affairs?

More than 40% of the world's leading companies have decided to create an Instagram account; It's easy to know why: A Community Manager should be in those network places where the people are and the photo app owned by Facebook with vintage effects has already more than 100 million registered users. So why not use Instagram for business?

If you want to know how to use Instagram for your brand following these easy tips should get you on track:

Always use the same username:

One of the main rules on branding: try to stick with your same username in all social networks. Why?, to start off Instagram offers the possibility to integrate your activity in other networks, such as, for example, Twitter or Facebook. The second reason is that users tend to label or make reference to your company by the name they already know.



If your business doesn't yet have a large number of Instagram followers, start making use of hashtags related to your business: get moving.


Find Followers:

 No one has the magic formula to go viral on Instagram nor any other social media network, but according to Neil Patel on his blog if you're new to Instagram your best bet is to connect your Facebook account with your Instagram account since 20% of Facebook users already use the platform.
When you connect your two accounts to each other, your Facebook friends will notice it and start following you on Instagram as well. Based on the data from my own account, 3% of your Facebook friends will start following you on Instagram. If you happen to post a status update on Facebook asking people to follow you on Instagram, that number can increase to just under 5%.


Share all those unique moments: 

 The reality is that no user really cares if last night your whole company squad ate chocolate muffins; however, a lot of users will be happy seeing a feast about a company celebrating their 5,000 sale number, an image with useful tips or some funny moment.

Instagram is all about sharing unique moments, those users that upload pictures every five minutes just get boring and, if it is a brand or a company even more.

Use Instagram filters. One of the main features of Instagram are filters. Using them will make your photos much more attractive and will get you followed. Filters are also great in personalization, so you photos will look exceptional and make users come back for more. Edit your photos a lot - it seems like a trend out there. - See more at:

Make use of the Filters:

 Using the special photo filters that Instagram provides will surely make your images much more attractive making you gain more followers. Filters are also great way to personalize your brand's photos.

Getting followers for your Instagram business account can be a very challenging task, since you're going to need a lot of spare time and dedicate attention to your campaigns. If you're planning to use Instagram for business being polite is a must, since these followers are your prospective clients, and your company’s image will have a direct influence on sales.

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