Thursday, January 9, 2014

The Best SEO Software Tool For 2014 (SEOprofiler)

Are you doing SEO the correct way? 

 The official position of Google in terms of best practices of webmasters has not really changed much over the past few years. What has really changed is the ability for search engines to strengthen these guidelines through the improvement of algorithms. From Panda and Penguin and now the new Google Hummingbird algorithm update, this just doesn't seem to stop; And all those animal names aren't helping a lot either.

On this post we would like to write about a SEO tool that can definitely help our clients achieve high rankings in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing in 2014. Being on the first pages of these giants of the internet means more customers and more sales. SEOprofiler 2014 will let you not only analyze your webpage but your competitors websites as well and will tell you the specific things that you need to change.

Let's take a look at some of its features: SEOprofiler offers some of the best website optimization tools for link management and backlink building, research and analysis of keywords and website rankings, etc..

Website Optimization

 SEOProfiler includes a utility called Top 10 Optimizer that allows us to include the URL we want to rank and the keywords for which you want to position the webpage, as well as other fields related to a specific search engine for which we would want to do the query and addresses of pages of competitors with which you may want to compare in the analysis.
best seo software tool for 2014

The report that is obtained for the chosen keywords are shown in the Top 10 Optimizer block.

Link Building

 Another great feature that one can find using SEOProfiler is the construction of an effective network of links for our SEO purposes.
  • Link Manager: Easily manage your link building activities.
  • Competitor Links: Get new backlinks by analyzing your competitors sites.
  • Keyword Links: Find websites that will back link to yours with the right keywords.
  • Hub Finder: Find websites that link to one or more of your competitors.
  • Opportunity Finder: Find websites that could link to your website.
  • Starter Backlinks: Rapidly get backlinks to get your website started. 
  • Current Baclinks: Check your current backlinks and edit them if necessary.
best software for seo 2014
 SEOprofiler also provides reports about the ranking of your pages in major search engines, performance of your site, information and metrics for each keyword, etc.

As you can see this is a must have SEO software tool for 2014. Do your own backlink analysis and AdWords analysis using keyword research and much more.

These are some of the features that SEOprofiler offers. You can learn more about the tool getting a Free Trial by visiting their website.

By the way, if you found this post is thanks to the SEO tool were promoting!
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