Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Truth About Buying Instagram Followers

How many followers do you need?

We're very sure that you have already listened about the practice of purchasing Twitter followers, Facebook likes, and Google plus; well, this practice is now spreading to Instagram as well, which has encouraged us to collect some information about the topic and investigate the truth behind buying Instagram followers to increase popularity.

Something very common on all the sites that offer Instagram followers packages, is that without doing anything and automatically in 24-48 hours you have thousands of followers added to your account, in addition the majority of these sites will ensure that all the followers that they provide are actual and real Instagram users. Obviously, these services have a cost that varies depending on the number of followers you want to buy, and you can find packages of up to 100,000 followers and more.

buying instagram followers
 What do you need to buy packs of Instagram followers? 

To purchase any Instagram social media package all these "followers supplier pages" will need is your @username (the user profile should be set to PUBLIC). Most of the transactions will be done through Paypal, although many of these websites also offer other payment methods.

In short, any user with a public profile on Instagram and a Paypal account with balance can get a horde of followers in less than 2 days. Easy isn't it? 

Advantages and disadvantages of using these services.

 The main and only advantage, that we see, that can provide this type of service (buying Instagram followers), is that in just a few hours you can increase your followers in several thousands giving an image that you're very popular on Instagram and with some luck gain a couple of dozen real followers who believed in your "most famous" story.

Actually it isn't even as simple as that. To start of, the followers you buy will "NEVER" interact with your posts, and forget about comments on your photos, Likes, mentions, or other action or engagement you would expect from a normal and "REAL" user. What does this mean? Sadly, this means that the only thing that will really increase is the figure which indicates the number of followers you have, keeping your popularity on the same level as before if not way lower.

Another aspect that should be taken into account before buying Instagram followers, is that Instagram can detect the activity on your account as a spam attack to your profile, with the consequences that this entails; lock down on your followers (your list of followers will be empty) and Instagram also reserves the right to remove all of your followers without notice.

Are these followers for real?

Yeaahh right?? … and we are Santa Claus, of course they're not real users and we're going to explain you why.

 First of all, the numbers of followers that are offered in larger packs (up to 100,000 followers) are so exorbitant that already gives you an idea of the impossible task to control 100K real users. Do you really believe that some of these websites can make 500 real and active Instagram users follow your "silly ass" Instagram profile for $10 or $15 dollars? Of course not. What's going on with you? Is your common sense working alright?

In addition it's not just a question of pure logic, there are clear indicators that can show you that these users are fake, as for example: the number of comments, likes and mentions in your photos maintain with the same likes and hardly going up. The logical thing would be to see an increase in proportion to your number of followers, but the truth is that this will only exist in your dreams and not on your Instagram profile.

The sale of Instagram followers continues to be a great business for the sites that are involved in offering this type of social media optimization services. Most of these sites are equipped with automated systems that allows them to create dozens or even hundreds of accounts in block in a few minutes, whereupon, the less information they have to enter creating an account, the faster they work.
Although in other platforms this issue is more controlled (e.g. with the verification by means of: sms or a call, connection with other web profiles, using captcha, etc), the truth is that Instagram is just beginning to take this issue seriously and still has a lot to improve in this aspect.


Miracles don't exist even if you pay for them, that is to say, don't expect to pay $15, $20, or $100 buying fake Instagram followers and expect to become a relevant instagramer in just 2 days and while it might be true that purchasing these type of services has helped other businesses gain 000.0001% of credibility it might not help yours at all.

If you think your profile along with all your followers (which not may be many but at least their real), with all your photos, likes and comments are barely worth $15, then go ahead, take the shortcut and spend that money - as if you were buying ice before the storm - and then sit back, order a pizza and wait for all those new likes and comments that will raise your popularity in Instagram so much that Lady Gaga will feel jealous. You can rest assured that, that's not going to happen..

In short, if you are interested in gaining more followers in Instagram, get those followers to interact with you or your brand, get more likes, comments on your photos and even followers publishing their own photos with a hashtag of your brand, then we feel to tell you that this can only be achieved with time and effort. 

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