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Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Political Presidential Candidates Buying Twitter Followers For Their Social Media Campaigns

Over the past 6 or 7 years our country has seen social media grow like no other phenomenon ever and its something that has impressed many, even presidential candidates. Social media is starting to become something like the fifth element and power in communications and it's a fabulous environment where young people, teenagers and adults can give their direct opinion in real live time on a certain news or anything of their particular interest.

buying twitter followers
Newt Ginrich buying Twitter followers
Just recently we learned and heard about how the latest social media craze of buying Twitter followers has arrived to the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C and the ex republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was allegedly caught buying fake followers on Twitter. As we all know the purchase of followers on Twitter comes back from Michael Jackson's death after allegedly his family bought 25000 twitter followers from an Australian social media reseller website at astronomic prices. The purchase of this type of followers on Twitter though is a popular resource already used by some brands, webmasters and or showbiz people, with the argument of strengthening their online prestige and popularity on the internet.

Some marketing companies offer packages of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google likes or views on YouTube, starting at 500 Twitter followers for 5 dollars.

According to Chris Taylor from Mashable.Com, Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers are only 8% humans.  Other professional analysts in the social media field with a high reputation level have said that approximately 10% of the followers of most politicians on social networks are virtually not real followers. These followers can be bought from any reputable and trusted social media reseller website and in some cases you can purchase targeted followers with a specific profile and/or un-targeted followers which are fictional users that are just there following you but they really don't contribute on anything.

 I believe that the most important thing about this has been learning about the interest that certain sectors of the population have had and consider sharing or spreading what they call “the truth behind politics”. And all it has provoked is that more interested young people want to meet their candidates and their proposals.

For this reason, this fifth element power known to all as social media is, without doubt, a double-edged weapon. On one hand, it can give us real live time information with the facts been developed instantly and it could also allows us to take our country's pulse at least for a minute. But on the other hand, it may give us also the perfect platform to share falsehoods and misuse of the real information.

Learn and analyze everything that arises. Take your own judgement and don't generalize.

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