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Friday, August 24, 2012

Buying Twitter Followers Review: I Purchased Twitter Followers

Add Twitter-Followers is a next-generation social media service that helps you boost your campaigns by adding followers and fans to your social media hub pages. What they offer:
  • Buy Twitter followers

They also own and operate Social From here is even possible to: 

  • Buy Facebook page fans
  • Buy YouTube video views
  • Buy Twitter Followers
  • Buy Google+ Plus Votes
  • Buy Pinterest Followers 

  • Does it work? We bought the social media marketing package for $10 that gives you 1k+ Twitter followers, 1200 Facebook Likes for only $39 and is not bad if you compare to other similar social media reseller websites, 5000k YouTube Video views for $55 and the Advanced Package of Google+ Plus One votes for $60. This whole package consisting of 4 services only costed us $164.

    After placing our order, we received confirmation and the campaign started after almost 24  hours later. After 10 days, it was completed. Apparently Social Media Combo uses an army of low cost labor to promote your social media pages. We noticed a huge increase in the traffic coming in from Twitter and especially Facebook. Our YouTube channel page has also increased in inactivity, posting new videos now generates hundreds of views quickly, leading to thousands over a period of a few days.

    Is this cheating? Many people have asked me whether using sites like AddTwitter-Followers or SocialMedia-Combo is unethical? My answer is that as long as you are abiding by the terms of service of the social networks, you are simply investing in what is today's mainstream form of advertising. Of course, you don't want to spam any of these services, and likely you will be suspended or banned for doing so. But in today's competitive market, I don't see anything wrong with investing to give your social media marketing campaign a li'l boost at the get-go. In the end, its the quality of your product or service which will determine your overall success.

    Share your thoughts about these social media reselling websites here, would love to hear your feedback on how its worked for you.

    Saturday, July 7, 2012

    Is It Useful To Buy Twitter Followers Or Facebook Fans For A New Business?

    On this post I will try to go ahead and talk about our business experience when we recently bought a hand full of both, likes for a Facebook page and followers for a Twitter account, all for a website with a very good niche and very specific topic and at the end you take your own conclusions about if its useful or not to purchase social media fans and followers for your new business.
    buy twitter followers for business
    Modern Twitter Followers
    When you "buy twitter followers" or "buy Facebook likes" it is a fact that none of the sellers won't tell you the methods they use to get those fans from, they will just promise you that you will receive 'Real Followers' and that they are to be reliable so that's why is important for you to know about places where you can buy Twitter followers and where to buy facebook likes

    But that's not whole true. If you only order a few fans, these will surely be real, but if it is a very large number of followers you can count on that you will also get lots of (bots) because there's absolutely no way you're going to get 50,000 thousand 'real human' followers on Twitter for just a couple of bucks.
    But, let's go back to our main key question: Would you think it would be useful for one to buy Twitter followers or buy Facebook likes for a web-page, business, blog or company? I say, It depends.
    It will depend on how hard you really need those followers and what you need them for, I mean if you have a new store, a business, a professional blog or a brand new website, in order to get those first online sales, I believe is useful to purchase Twitter followers or Facebook fans at first just to give your business a starting 'boost' and by the way a nice sense of credibility and reliability that will make you look like a high quality business that's engaged in social media with followers and fans supporting your brand.
    And don't worry because if what you want is real interaction and real engagement with your followers and fans you will always have the chance to do it, since that was our personal experience when we purchased followers on Twitter for a starting business; we purchased a package of 2500 followers on Twitter and just barely 4 or 5 days after the delivery we started receiving between 50 and 75 organic and real followers who 2 weeks earlier hadn't followed our (2 followers Twitter) account because, I'd say, of lack of trust and now we almost have 6000 something followers which 3500+ is organic and real and still growing. 

    One can also buy 10,000 Twitter followers on and ask them to split those 10k into the Twitter accounts you have, that's what we did for our three accounts. Everything can be possible just by asking the right person.

    Places that we recommend:

    If you are going to buy Twitter followers we recommend AddTwitter-Followers.Com
    If you think to purchase Facebook likes we recommend SocialMedia-Combo.Com 

    Saturday, June 23, 2012

    Best Places To Buy Facebook Likes (Reviews)

    Thinking to buy Facebook Likes? Checkout some of the best places to get them!

    It's a proven fact that in the internet vineyard everything is possible; A couple weeks ago we wrote a brief post about the best place to buy Twitter followers and I've been surprised just looking at the stats and seeing people from almost every country in the world reading the post to do their own reviews about purchasing (followers) online. I remembered a couple of years back when It became a fashion for some webmasters to buy votes on Digg for their clients and charged their customers exorbitant sums of money claiming it was part of their SEO strategies, but now it seems like something almost normal. You can now find places to buy facebook likes just like you can find 10 or so McDonald's fast food restaurants on any busy U.S.A avenue. Too many to choose from, I'd say.

     The popularity of the most important social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have pushed people and companies to do the unbelievable to optimize their social media channels and profiles and with the need to manage your online brand or business presence its important to know from which social media reseller website you can buy Facebook likes, followers on Twitter or Youtube video views.

    buy facebook likes cheapIt's not hard to find these social media reseller websites that offer different packages and specials on Likes/Fans for a sum of money, for example 200+ likes on Facebook can cost as low as $19 USD. The prices will be a little varied among these social media suppliers and it will basically depends on the website you make the purchase from and that's why I leave these 7 places to buy likes and rapidly start optimizing your social media campaigns in a legit and a safe way.

      buy facebook likes cheap
    • SocialMediaCombo.Net Social Media Combo provides affordable business marketing resources. Social media reseller website. Its considered to be the best place to buy Facebook likes at wholesale prices. These are the most fair prices we've seen around the web so far. offers in their basic package of 
       200+ FB likes for a low price of $19.00 USD
      2500+ for only $140.00 USD climbing up to the top of 10,000 thousand "Likes" on FB for $479.00 (Most known for their LOW Twitter followers prices

    • Social Media Marketing Services: Really simple and very friendly website. They deliver what they advertise and beyond. From this social media service reseller one can buy cheap Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Instagram followers and Youtube views and their prices are first executive super LOW prices.  
    You can find a deal of 600 FB likes...for only $19.00 (GREAT PRICE COMPARED TO OTHER RESELLERS )
    • No Bots
    • Guaranteed Fans
    • Delivered On Time
    • Steady Growth
    • Satisfaction Guarantee
     (Highly recommended)

    • Cheap Social Media SEO This website is recognized for their advanced, affordable and cheap SEO services offering website traffic services from top networks. It's also a great place where one can get more likes on Facebook!
    Other Facebook Services one can find on Cheap Social Media SEO are: Buy Facebook Photo Likes Cheap, Buy Facebook Subscribers Cheap, Buy Facebook Shares Cheap.

     550+ Facebook likes for $19.00 in less then 72 hours is a very well known website with tons of clients that go from artists, actors,  politicians, entrepreneurs, webmasters and well known SEO firms have also been known to buy from these guys. They offer a Silver package of 4000 FB likes for only $119.00, their Gold package consists of 15000 Facebook likes for $389.00, climbing up to their biggest package offering 20,000 Facebook fans for $479.99.

    These are the best 4 places to buy Facebook likes. Buying fans on FB seems to be a reasonable alternative to build a mass of followers specially when your competitors are already building their own little social media empires that will soon start to actually interact and talk about your competitors brand or company all over Facebook leaving your business and new fanpage in the position of the dog's tail...... !! wayyyyy behind. !!

    If you ask me, I haven't done it yet but will soon do it for a clients webpage we're working on and he wants to buy Facebook likes to make his page look fully (SMO) social media optimized. If someone has done it what has been your experience? Do you think that buying fans on Facebook is a correct action to take?

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