Sunday, August 19, 2012

Simple Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Bet On Social Media

 One of the biggest and main problems faced by small business owners when it comes to advertising, especially on the Internet and on the different social media channels, is the time. It is necessary to communicate effectively and analyze the results of that investment of time, have time to react and create strategies in this regard, be able to learn and strive to improve will boost your small business to the top of your competitors.

The numbers of small businesses engaging in social media has dramatically increased  during the last 2 years. There has been a dramatic increase in companies that firmly believe in the fact that using the media and social networks like Facebook and Twitter helps a lot their businesses and can help them grow and achieve new goals and that should be a good enough reason to spend a little time and dedication in these social media sites.

But for every type of business or company how to leverage social networks or the type of actions to be developed may vary depending on their objectives and priorities, there are some simple reasons why companies should invest in social networks.

Your competitors use them: If your competitors are in social networks, you too must be or your business will be missed in opportunities for our own competence. It is recommended to not focus exclusively on your business though, take time and study these companies, make a follow-up on them to learn their movements, about their new products, strategies and how you can react to remain competitive and differentiate your business among your great list of competitors.

It is easy, seriously!: Creating a business page on Facebook or a Twitter account involves just a few minutes, as well as ask your regular customers who do so or have the possibility of finding us in social networks. We don't talk about advanced and complex strategies of social media, let's start with the essential and the principle. The presence is fundamental without forgetting that taking action, interacting, and participating in an active way is also important and remember that

"if you open up a Twitter account and you don't tweet you are still sending a message."!!

Reach new customers: The "old school" way of advertising on the street and obsolete business strategies to attract new customers, can be a costly and a complicated task for many small businesses in real life. On the internet and especially in social networks, your business will not only have the opportunity to gain the loyalty of your customers but that it can also reach hundreds of potential new customers.

Complementing the offline business: Internet and social networks do not have to delete or replace our real business. They can be the best allies to increase our expectations and even expand the boundaries of our business.

Greater closeness and trust: Be real and accept that your customers only go to your website when they have a real need or they carry out some purchases, but through social networks, your small business relationships can be extended so that your clients will feel closer to your business. Use these channels to provide all kinds of information, support or aid may affect beneficial in many aspects to your small or growing company.

With this been said, mentioning that for many small and medium-sized enterprises, social networks may seem a difficult beast to master, it is important to meet the challenge without fear to try and experiment. Little by little we will discover social media's true potential by verifying its great advantages and benefits, as well as the ways to leverage them depending on each type of business.

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