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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Are You Sure You Want To Get Involved In Social Media?

So you're planning to get into social media, ahh? Yeahh, we all know about how many times you hear that word nowadays. This reminds of this social media reseller website's logo, "social media served in a plate". Everyone says that you have to be in it, Facebook fan pages and Likes have become more popular than ever and twitter is growing at astronomical speeds among other many social networks whose names we probably even heard yet... It's amazing how many good things people talk about social media and how everyone just talks about the easiness of it to get in. You can even register for Free! So far all good, but nobody ever mentioned you the second part... How are you going to manage all the different channels and profiles? This is a true and active game where you are going to need a lot of consistency to stay ahead of your competitors and maintain open those communication channels that cannot be left abandoned to their luck. So are you sure you want to get involved in social media? If you decide to go ahead, keep in mind the following:  

  Are you willing to devote the time and effort required to keep your social media channels pimped up?

  Bear in mind that if you decide to hop in the social media boat you will be required an extra amount of hours a day to maintain those social media profiles opened up for your public, fans, followers and customers. You will have to devote extra time daily to update and manage your social profiles. This could be a hard job for some and it could be harder for you if you don't have the adequate communication skills and preparation.

  • Start by promoting the different features of your brand, product or service mentioning a few personal attributes, attracting more followers, fans and or subscribers.
  •  Dedicate yourself to build and strengthen a community around your brand, blog or website. Earn valuable daily new followers and fans and make your followers recommend you to their fans and followers as well extending your network and with this your influence. If you do well, you'll have a great social media family and a stable group whose alma mater will be you and your brand.
  • Manage your community with valuable and fresh content. Promote its interactivity and offer attractive deals but always thinking of your fans or followers particular interests.
  • Be creative with excitement and let your followers share your interesting content. Talk about new things with interest and you'll have fans and followers eating out of your hand.
  •  Take active part and be part of the conversation. Always respond to the comments of your followers or fans and prove them that you are the real person behind the opera curtains in the other side.
  • Start monitoring all activity related to your brand, product or niche that develops in your social media online environment. You have to carefully follow any item that you may directly or indirectly affect. 
 Social media is definitely not an easy task, but it is worth trying it. If you use thoroughly your effort it will bear its fruits, your work will revert in that you increase your online presence in the different social networks, creating with it a solid on-line reputation and prestige.

 What can happen if you don't follow these guidelines?

Easy... if you don't keep alive your social media profiles on a daily basis they will gradually start to shut down becoming your accounts to look and feel grey and bitter, in an environment, where your fans or earned followers would definitely not want to be. This same feeling is going to touch your blog, website, services or your niche directly, making them look bad; Your online reputation will leave much to be desired as it will be at the mercy of an environment unknown to you, where you will not have the capacity to control what it takes place affecting you directly.

 If you don't follow the daily activity of your profiles, you'll miss valuable information related to your brand, service, website, blog or niche and you will also lose track of your competitors as well. And what is worse, you won't have the capacity to respond to an attack or a mishap where your intervention would be required; for what you will be in situation of disadvantage.
Remember, internet is like living environment and is constantly changing; You have to have weapons in order to be able to act and be prepared for what might happen.

 As you can see, social media is indeed a very important step that you have to give firmly; If you doubt, you're lost. Be serious and commit yourself to a committed and effective strategic management in social networks and you will be very successful.

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Friday, May 25, 2012

2012 Political Presidential Candidates Buying Twitter Followers For Their Social Media Campaigns

Over the past 6 or 7 years our country has seen social media grow like no other phenomenon ever and its something that has impressed many, even presidential candidates. Social media is starting to become something like the fifth element and power in communications and it's a fabulous environment where young people, teenagers and adults can give their direct opinion in real live time on a certain news or anything of their particular interest.

buying twitter followers
Newt Ginrich buying Twitter followers
Just recently we learned and heard about how the latest social media craze of buying Twitter followers has arrived to the Capitol Hill in Washington D.C and the ex republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich was allegedly caught buying fake followers on Twitter. As we all know the purchase of followers on Twitter comes back from Michael Jackson's death after allegedly his family bought 25000 twitter followers from an Australian social media reseller website at astronomic prices. The purchase of this type of followers on Twitter though is a popular resource already used by some brands, webmasters and or showbiz people, with the argument of strengthening their online prestige and popularity on the internet.

Some marketing companies offer packages of followers on Twitter, Facebook and Google likes or views on YouTube, starting at 500 Twitter followers for 5 dollars.

According to Chris Taylor from Mashable.Com, Newt Gingrich’s Twitter followers are only 8% humans.  Other professional analysts in the social media field with a high reputation level have said that approximately 10% of the followers of most politicians on social networks are virtually not real followers. These followers can be bought from any reputable and trusted social media reseller website and in some cases you can purchase targeted followers with a specific profile and/or un-targeted followers which are fictional users that are just there following you but they really don't contribute on anything.

 I believe that the most important thing about this has been learning about the interest that certain sectors of the population have had and consider sharing or spreading what they call “the truth behind politics”. And all it has provoked is that more interested young people want to meet their candidates and their proposals.

For this reason, this fifth element power known to all as social media is, without doubt, a double-edged weapon. On one hand, it can give us real live time information with the facts been developed instantly and it could also allows us to take our country's pulse at least for a minute. But on the other hand, it may give us also the perfect platform to share falsehoods and misuse of the real information.

Learn and analyze everything that arises. Take your own judgement and don't generalize.

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